Board Member - School of Management (2024)

Rose Kelly-Falls is Head of Global Procurement & Supply Chain at Cook Medical. As a procurement and supply chain professional, she has extensive management experience within small divisional start-ups and global corporations, including Zimmer Biomet, Ford Motor Co. and Rolls-Royce North America.

Her areas of expertise are focused on global strategic sourcing, supply chain risk management, supply chain strategic planning, contract management and inventory management. As a thought leader in both procurement and supply chain her work has been featured in multiple industry publications and media outlets.

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Ms. Kelly-Falls holds a Master of Science degree in Management from Purdue University's Krannert Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Butler University. She serves a board member on multiple professional organizations and as well as an active member of the Daniels Student Alumni Association.

Board Member - School of Management (2024)


How do you answer why do you want to serve on a board? ›

You answer, "why do you want to be a board member," by focusing on wanting to network and interact with colleagues and leaders across industries and government. Board roles provide incredible opportunities to meet influential, intelligent, and well-connected people.

What are the 3 W's you should look for in a prospective board member? ›

But if other people on the BoD cannot observe that you are performing the actions, they don't exist. The three W behaviors are Wealth, Work, and Wisdom.

Is it hard to get on the board of directors? ›

Joining a board of directors is a long-term plan that requires time and strategy. The amount of time it takes to join a board of directors can depend on your experience level, network size and the type of organization you wish to serve.

What are the characteristics of a bad board member? ›

5 Traits of a Problem Board Member
  • Puts Their Own Interests First. Acting in the best interest of the community is one of the most important guidelines board members should adhere to. ...
  • Overuses Their Authority. ...
  • Assumes They Know Everything. ...
  • Makes Decisions on a Whim. ...
  • Fails to Follow Through.
Sep 9, 2021

What are the strengths of a school board member? ›

They are policy and accountability driven, focusing their time and energy on governance-level actions related to student achievement and classroom instruction. They engage in goal-setting processes that can drive action in the district to improve.

What do you hope to accomplish as a board member? ›

Sharpen your professional skills.

You also may hone your ability to contribute to an organization's strategic direction, rather than managing day-to-day operations. Boards help to guide an organization broadly, such as improving its financial health or market competitiveness.

Why do you want to serve on the school board? ›

It presents an opportunity for you to contribute and improve your community. Effective school board members contribute their unique talents while collaborating as a team with other board members and the superintendent.

Why do you think you can serve well in such position? ›

“I am suitable for this job because I have the skills, qualities, and knowledge to meet the requirements of the job description. I am suitable for this job because my knowledge and experience is relevant to this industry, and I understand how to meet the needs of your customers and clients.

What does a good board member look like? ›

The processes and role requirements for being a good board member can often be taught. However, without some core characteristics such as a passion for the cause, eagerness to participate, and the commitment to see the job through, even the most knowledgeable individual will be an average board member at best.

What is an ideal board member? ›

A good board member is a team player who contributes to the mission of the organization and doesn't need to be a star. He or she is also a futuristic thinker. Attitude is equally important to background, expertise, organizational acumen or education.

How do you pick a good board member? ›

A great board member should be able to foster relationships with existing members while also bringing something new to the mix. Additionally, look for signs of commitment such as volunteer work and active involvement in other organizations.

How long should you stay on a board of directors? ›

Typically, term limits for board members are spelled out in an organization's bylaws. For nonprofit organizations, BoardSource recommends two consecutive three-year terms. For for-profit corporate boards, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recommends board term limits of 10 to 15 years.

Do you get paid to be on a board of directors? ›

Board members typically receive compensation for their service, but similar to independent directors, they often don't earn a salary or hourly wage. Instead, they often receive compensation via retainer fees, stock options, stock grants, and more.

Do you make money sitting on a board of directors? ›

While organizations usually compensate outside board members, internal directors typically receive no additional compensation. Factors like the size of the organization and your industry can affect how much you make as a board member.

What are some signs that a board of directors is effective? ›

But when it comes down to overall effectiveness, there are some tried and true signs you can look for to better understand your board's overall functionality:
  • Your board's structure is clear and encourages efficiency.
  • Your board members are consistently prepared and productive.
  • Board members are emotionally engaged.

What is an effective board member? ›

A board member needs to be a contributor of experience, energy, and passion, but it also needs to be open to the views of others and willing to accept and support them when they further the Mission. A board member who is overly critical of management in non-constructive ways contributes nothing.

What does an effective board look like? ›

The Pillars of Board Effectiveness

The composition of the board should reflect leaders with diverse skills and expertise that align with the company's needs. This may encompass individuals with industry knowledge, financial acumen, strategic planning, legal expertise, and leadership skills.

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