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CLEVELAND TLAIX DEALER PAGE EIGHTEEN EDWARDS SA YS RECORD CROWD CUTS SCORING Sport Olympic Athletes Risko aces Griffith 134STARTIN BJCKGROUNDO Break ive Records at Stadium Tonight WOMEN'S CITY Cleveland Rubber Man Continue avorite for 12 Sexton Win Shot Put Mi Didrickson Set World GOL TOURNEY Mark in Javelin Simpton Star James Rounder 6 Heavyweight ight on Card Card of Thank 1g Largest Paid Attendance in Most of District's Stars History Emphasizes Base Compete in Qualifier To Lodge Notice the ball Still Is National day Mary Browne Pastime Defends Title League OLYMPICS AT roster A GLANCE A also will involve LO: victories over All the ST 8 Ml Dan come AHO rm io 4 4 Contracting Repairing Stops De Luxe Malts With Homecp 4 0 0 Total to you Seven Hits to Win in he Class 7 to 1 Moving Storage Packing Ahes in 434 343 07 463 SUMMARIES mastery of its AS OLYMPIC GAMES OPEN his A 3 0 0 in favor of the Ath 3 0 2 0 4 3 37 10 9 0 fl 9279 Total 33 7 24 11 4 0 Mvor nearly 6 inches KumarU fi 4 2 0 4 4 A Nowak rf 6 0 0 3 36 9 27 6 4 Totals 1 4 0 1 4 4 0 ObhkH a 3 0 4 0 9 27 10 Knights of Pythias 33 8 7 14 Painting Paperhanging 36 8 24 4 Total! 4 0 6 4 3 6 0 4 4 4 4 ft 5 HO Second 4 0 I) 0 3 A NEMchto A A Total 51 25 27 13 Ruldwnh 0 4 I 3 3 Ridl 3 0 (I 0 4 3 ft 3 1 3 Poni Tram 0 3 2 fi 3 Granlwood 16 3 03 even Hills 3 SHOT PUT Softball augl 101 5 26 0 Samaritan AHO experienced pub ft 3 0 4 io 4 4 fl II 0 2 it Totals 3' 0 0 1 3 0 (I 32 6 211 2 Totals SPORTS fix th Kazou Kimura Japan ft 5 3 Slovak League Paget 14 15 16 17 lg Rrnadwar Tmlge ose Slovak League Top roM Yesterday's Golf Results Sid 0" A 0 4 Lambert rsrantonnt Romp Gloria Ruril 1 4 3 3 4 4 0 for 5 1 inn (i 5 3 3 4 0 3 0 0 (1 6 1 Totals 3 1 6 Zealand ftori 0 Softball 4 Totals Cornelias Row to bafulla LaMdle fimark lark 0 ft 3 A Rprnpil bv Charles Hrn Clark i To(ala50 13 27 10 1 Rallrr 0 Kra'r rf 3 I ft 4 4 fl 1 4 fl 3 3 4 (l Class Knights of St John 3 LOO 0 4 Trims I nlly Hoge Meats Triumph Totals 36 11 24 10 Totals 30 4 27 10 A Totals 3 4 0 Geyer Down Goldenrod 4 () A 0 Heights Rumps 4 1 4 A 3 4 yard (i it 4 4 3 0 (I 3 0 lor SKaUp 3 Li 0 3 Totals 36 8 27 ft 4 3 (I II 3 I) 0 a limanla Softball 0 Jonke Totals 41 13 0 0 0 0 Stepkn Hals nn Tnp 4 1 3 5 Goldenrod 0 0 0 RM ford nMcMasipr 4 7 2i' 27 6 Bro Total a A i A fi I) 4 3 4 Nocliwa'IJf (i 3 1 I fl ripjack ir 3 2 (i 3 ft 4 Ptrrnrm of 2 fi ft lb I 1 rtillwie Kep(hrt 3 Knhir 0 fl fl fl 0 2 th 1 0 1 4 4 31 2 2 Total Total Total Tola i 230 dh 4 4 4 3 3 0 0 fi 4 4 4 4 0 Guardian A McD neljh 4 fl HovavK HMac'yi 4 3 RArnokllf Smith tf 4 4 3 3 4 4 0 4 4 lineiT line! 41c dailv (I fl 0 (l 4 4 Haffan Heyrap (i 4 4 4 1 6 0 0 0 II 0 0 II I) a I kr Walker 4 4 3 3 4 4 (I fl II Lorkocf Newman 4 4 4 WRallerjr hafrik3 0 0 won yanls ft ft Sun 4 3: 7 I 4 4 4 0 I) 0 fl 0 0 i) 3 1 1 4 4 4 ft 3 3 4 4 4 I) 0 Taa1jo Clark Lodge 3 4 4 (l a 4 White Cr KauffeY loriancf fi (I LM ki rt Rimik of 0 (1 6 A it 0 3 0 0 fl 0 0 ark 3lanu'kict Towrrs2 lovirJf Berndt 2 Btarlow 3 Scully rf Gultonp ru in bolter Keiwiercf Snrag uerf 2 0 6 (1 0 3 3 3 Vhbk1 rVhhkrf Repkinf Cbngrrrf Enxland Arthur if VVollsrh'rn ra Reran rf Kick H3 0 0 ft fl (1 3 Christian ernando B'trra Raijfmnn1 Erdnian chermak rt MA hi W5O STORAGE 0 1 0 A fi (l 0 0 fl (i hmmere Homer naderrf Man ran rf Caputo 2 3 0 4 0 "fhu ger 2 und 4 4 4 Rmkrr 1 Rmt rf Haimokra Rlaholih rijhvs Wini rt HhTti hr I illkome Sheffield! Levine 2 Ginsberg 2 hrs Ktrkn Bauer 2 7 ll 3 0 1 0 (i 4 4 4 1 1 mkhorrf HGo'ds vf Schreiber 3 4 0 0 Ridgewood John Race Hnekr VMerharcMnka 3 Knnha1 Iblhka 13! McKnirhic 4 Tvgonef 3 Hnpner3 3 Hughes rf 3 Walker 3 Mental Rabikrf Tafel2r Hnni 2 0 0 fl Sohlelt bird If Waiter'll ll 0 0 0 I) 0 fl 3 Smith fmy Errors ft 3 i Rnnovet'3 Mieke Radtranlf Smith Pshekr Manno (i reJock 1 Patters nlf Harnerlf Wen roeliek Pa Three Homehnk Moreland Hills Shirillnlt f'huppac Pillar3 KtH inief rf flnhnal 2 Hvncs2Palrkrs Kuchlerr? 'iivlecH 1 Kaiser IL i arrf kns karf DonneHv3 Ckni acf Dudarf 0 ft 0 fi 0 0 fl 0 0 0 De the IMnr Gable Bil Drdaef Kihmr Schwartz 1 EGoiedH Gross cf Kraus 2 brut hp Blum cCohn 1 0 I fl 3 Samaritan Wvm'n3rs Dohnc Smuhrf Handler 1 3 Kirchner! ried 1 Sperncf Si lv rm 1 Emin If Miiriiel rance did no fin Carlson 2 Nash If Earner 1 Matuekarf 3 0 Lakewood Gra mniesc Mulder 3 hubb2 cf Rnice Liwiko 1 Huffman rf from prior 0 1 4 i) 1 0 A rona Won'cof t2 Goodwin rt BM ac'yrf Ragdonas! Mancine Price 3 Re a' ton cf Vitinuse A mold 3 Pnisaw83rnrte2 St Peters Scuftertrs eldkarnns Letinert 3 Roehner If Ernest Tea re quested to attend the bttda Marlin 3 Oil 0 1) 1 0 biepheus icon Hi) rs Wilkam2 Hartercf GaLlhejci ehp Stvrb'm If AW oil er Keele 3 sut ton Woh'r Halligan rf Rozakp JroBrtd'r2 Jhnmrf JoeBedrc A ndrerf Pelcherlt KosharB Rarany ft Schultz I Neitxelp and Mr OMeharn Golden rod Kist Krrrrs Tejtlb'mD Gold farhs Goldstein Klnnianrt alulla Klein BoCmpo3 Vargo cf Klein Rnltzrs 0 Dempsey rf Baron! Tnckerrf Immke3 MapleHi JieHahnre Pelerkas Lorenec Glavirp JohnHa n2 JimHahn1 HKatxcf lifTrs ried rf will out Habr Jurcpks Tofuut 1 Remsrf 1 Dilhi rank Wul lord Clarence Sherman bivsrhkep 1xm pre finder rams Bra zis Br ZupanHrrf Tanner rf Pavlovyc2 bajsy3 3633 Green 3 Miller rs Ilnth 04 i rd fi ft 6 3 6 2 fi 4 6 3 fi 4 6 4 0 I Reach hciai Mravee 1 Ronfnek cf Sobota Stperke 3 Pabkrf Rraegerri Jed Tab Knbyak3 ollarkrs Kaiser a klm'kaL Ma r2 Hutercl Molzer imuiekH Veibjprke1 Huierrf Sal nekrf WondM Walker cf oiciakrt bbk Malbrh ita 2 Pesup Pupnko2 "Kslokip 58 and from Cornelia Zun'ncicrs CCnnip'alt Schmidt rt Connors 1 Ntolhar3 Artw'lef brogan around han new Crahhe3 Galbnerf Orn'yrf MrnakU TarkhiU RAnth'y3 Laabsra Skuhbys MA'lh'yrf Wesifall2 Rradr If fi 1 7 0 Mark Errors ir out Alves nut Sidl Pnmbos Kolach Echonrf Metre Chonkn3 Porte rcf Triumph Mutual CBilvl Marek Snbntalf Prusha 3 3 3 1 1 3 tft 4(1 Mrs third Mr TAR ft ari huMiin A Selzer Earl Brvant rank Germ Mell Harnson St Geor rtnglev3 Conner Wallcf 2 Powers lf Lost and ound aceepted up to 5 3 3 fl 3 Palaekr A Kratei Krabbe 1 Scraha2 Enerr Marek rs Svoboda 3 Luther! Navnuk 3(1 3 Kautf Rtldans Kickelr Shanuskyn Kihmli Hmm 'ocf Ristrufc Lahrf Crabb 1 Cleveland Langrs cL JMeldarL EMeldaef Kra'rars I tied for Weuap Hum Rf mh Siperke ft 2 4 PAPERING 13 up with nmer paper moved: painting Aslunglnn SO74 Jojman31 JPn)man2 leitic Herrlecf Riz'bklf Tirnak JimPoj nrslirka KoeahrL Molinoa LM 'neini2 Pakornyii1M encini3 f'M'neinilf Stang re bom'coef Jenaikrf 1 fans with A 6 2 A 3 1 1 by 0 00 EXPERT painting papering forjesa any where anytime Kirns 447 LWolfcL Mirsehs Cfinradn 3 Boldin ra 4 Hendrick If 3 RWolf1 2 Strnh2 rs 3Margorf 2 Boleyrf 1 Kordic3 2 3 A 4 1 WHITE SHIRTS MS PITCHERS Thr'P run Rrnskte Stolen bases fK'tobkran 4 Gurin ft nvel3 ft Barna 1 ft Elandra rf 2 KmjAr ia rf 2 Stroh rf 1ledliehac 1 a a ii 67 91 3 Totals 30 21 in i no Connie Mack Roger and r'hcr experts will LOOR scraping by machine Refimshing ery reasonable CLearwater Qt7ll of Danny stable are for the six round semi final be first showing Grand Are A Kincaid 2 4 I Gilbert If 4 Hare Dietrich 1 BJonker Strauss Berrin3 Unrvarya Jonke Sibo2 Winterise Schmidt cf Lookerf Majors Arona Club Rnn MaiLav 7 2 Janicki Kumar Kowalski Mack Powers Errors Arona 3 Majors 1 (i 3 0 breaker net 7 I Lon groin 2 4 3 4 0 Lam' Bros Harare 0U0 1 00 000 1 Tanda I Linik2 KuhH Podnjjllf Janker Koenig (1 3 0 Johnny Kisko who shocked fistic circles by whipping Mickey Walker will try to make his comeback more impressive than ever tonight when And all the time prosperity was just around the corner from the 9th Pier! i JO i 3 Hotiap RnarnPd2 4 (JOO 100 0 0 ai 1 1 nrM El rose 5350 onutainiiir rani and nn Brach ark Sat niotiev: return wallet jaines Dykes Jlcllrndn ii 3 3 3 3 I rne Hahn fVf tlvM 1 rff artr 1 1 1 mv i I a via I i Ltng 2 A Cl 4 ft 2 ft 3 1 7 0 1(1 fl A HO A 4 3 4 0 2 4 4 10 fl OST: Tj 4 4 33 4 4 Mtl1rrf Knnitcf Paulino 1 Tnthc Hiikarp Nrml Kohm If 'vhP 2 Won hr Erldi Gniinsr bm ratio Singer 2 erlellf Rrrman ef lrishm ft 4 1 ffthUrI 3 2 RuieLc ri 2 William 4 2 raicnrr ertclc KadiCi Defeated Lanr Brog A i lion11 MeGills Thn pnn3 A A 4 4 4 4 3 3 Room and toird Hnnekeepnig Rooms Homes for Aged Children Boarded Rate Per fnte (agate type oiilv) Daily Sun or more vonsccunve insertions Hy3 nr more conrnliva insertions IKc I nr 2 insert ion 25c All Other Classification Rate Prr Lin: Pailv 7 or mnrn con seen tire insertion! 31c 3 or more consecutive insertions 34c 1 or 2 insertion 4 1 A A 5 3 3 4 4 Totals 2 2 0 0 0 JOG 0 0 0 blurbaimi Roper Chicago and Steve of Erie will mix in a six Pittsburgh and the (i 0 0 0 1 A ri a 3 0 7 (I indications ar that chief opposition will group the normal variabil game assures some upsets AHO 4 Thanks for the correction back to your coop! (i 33 0 A 0 ft Never thought your Indians were gated that way did you Mr Brad Il Chicago to fan for two hours to the game with my old pals Nap Lajoie Chief Zimmer Bill Bradley Elmer lick Earl Moore Cy Young Heine Berger Harry Bemis Steve Evans Bunk Congalton rank and Joe Delahanty Dode Paskert Tria Speaker Bill Wamby Elmer Smith and other stars of the days gone by As for the game too bad the In dians and Athletics could not have saved that 18 to 17 eighteen inning game of three weeks ago for the in augural of the stadium a game that contained everything there i in base instead of an old fashioned pitchers battle with the old time score of 1 to letics Of course Teckinpaugh tell you that it was a great game a marvelously pitched game That may all be but the fans present yes terday did 'not that kind of a contest They wanted one of the newer models a slam bang drag em out sort of a battle just the variety the same two clubs staged but three weeks ago also was worth coming 3 4 A A ft 4 6 li fi 5 4 resorts to algebra or or what has he ee the old boy to outbusy you this time 7 (l 2 Barone Billiard! (J 0 0 02 0 TolaU 42 16 27 1 viruan Mart Molino Sports Lombardy (J Hirers I A 116 A 3 1 1 i ter he looking tn on the jam of Messrs Rubber Risko and Ger aid Ambrose (Tuffv) Griffith at the tame spot tonight I mean to tell that the hoys ae ft 3 ft 3 3 Total! 35 33 5 27 7 0 0 DolelbrL Markscf Shrman isher Bemadir3 Stankulf Scuba I Wahersc 7 2 0 Hcvev 3 EowaDki Total in ninth 1 (i Charlie Delsanter He hnksman and Joe Jantonio dark horses of the tournament will battle it out 36 holes in the final for the city Italian American amateur championship next Saturday over the Lost Nation course In the semi finals vesterdas Del santer shot Lost hard sec ond nine in 36 for a 77 to defeat John Tullio Cleveland Heights High star 3 2 Jantonio provided an upset with' a victory over Sam Zin gale considered the lavoriie IftM and Mrs ord 46 Goirih Low jrns: Bruch 36 fi 4 2 4 2 4 2 Total 3ft Paramnt Raumve Hvidol sojilh Rarl'nRk A A 1 3 4 3 0 I) Situation Wanted (Agate Type Only) 7 or more romuriitive insertions IKc a line 3 or more consecutive in M'Diniu IMc a line 1 insertion Daily 25c Sunday 27c a lin Total' 12 I I 2 3 Legal Notices Legal Notice Probate Court No 2101Sl SamiioI Stickler whose place of residence nr will and it A 1 I 0 ll ill 13 21 4 4 2 If he's still the guv who trimmed Mickey Walker There TufTy WAS a guy' MOVfSG SI 25 per ROOM: 'I MEN: COyEREIL gAXS Glenville fts'lx KIGHT lIETIMi Lisrhlweirhi Rne Duverrer (ran! 715 pound wen Hin Haa (AuMriaL 676 nmtnd 2 Gamon uh (Dalvi fill poundaL 3: IVrino Ga hetti tDalv 660 pounds) 4: Arnie Sund hor (Portland Dr I end Waller 7as ur kt (York Pa I'mted State tid at n27' pound ft Lu hl heavy w'irht Louis Molin (ierce) bO 3 pound won: Svcnd Oln Denmark 7 92 pound 2: Henry DnrDlt nii I'niied Male) 726 pound 3: Wjlbani Good i ReaniMown Pa Stnusi 7 Of 1'2 pounds 4 Middleweight ch Won hr Jtfiayr Grmanv 75IL second Galimberti Hah 74': Hipflneer Austria 7 42 4 rancois rance 737: Kratkowakt Stale 671: Juanda Aiventine 627 Tcrnunc Untied States 423 400 MTR Ht RD1ES Totals 36 10 24 on i 0 3 0 0 0 Bennmcton Ma ver 2 Neapolitan A WStoia 2 4 RM fisktl 4 JKuola of 4 arnnlf 4 CARPENTER brick work plaHeriug al terations I nw rate GArfield 9550 0 0 in 4 0 2 6 2 Mravee 30 7 out hit Rrazis Bros Merchants MOVE lUIEE TO STORAGEnw ratri CEdar 0 da or evening Enrrp 3 KoamiUrrf 3 Gdon If 4 2 A a Heprian A laur 4 fi LOCAL WANT AD RATES Thea rates apply tn area within ion mile of Cleveland (Ratos beyond above territory riven upon request DEA i ff MHILIW insertion excess over 6 and 5s Sunday per line Death Notice ami lofic'i Kifh nii'lniffhl for he nett dav'a edition cent tn S3 re on sale at Public Hall box office Shamrocks A A fi3 fi (I 0 4 A A 3 1 1 0 Totals28 he faces Tuffy Griffith in stadium The ring be pitched side the playing diamond target for more than 80000 pairs of eyes yesterday and between home plate and fit st base The a welghts top Mc second promotional ven ture in the sta dium pre liminary matches the heavier boys Th Ro Meat! Su stephens kun Hkrn SUrn WinlAr Mota sienheni Knights of Pythias Lodge 1 CHAM SHOT PI Leo Sexton I nit ed States 52 feet $3 li inches New Olympic record HIGH JIMP Duncan Mr Nnughtan Canada won Jump off at feet Inches IA Mildred Dldrlckfton United States 1 43 feet 4 inrhea New world record 10000 Knao clnskl Toland 30 minutes 114 second New Olympic record OTHER RECORDS 100 METERS Eddie Tolan I nited States seconds (Old Olympic 10fi) 400 METER HURDLES I a rles I Hardin States and Kobert Tisdall Ire land ft2fi seconds (Old Olympic record 334) VENTS 100 meter semi finals and finals 400 meter hurdles finals ham mer throw 800 meter semi finals 3000 meter stepplrchas trials: women's 100 meter trials fenc Inf wrestling field hockey track ry cling Holds 3 to 0 Griffith holds three Risko one of them gained on a foul but on the short end of the bet ting tonight The boys realizing that Risko is in the same great shape that he was for Walker figure John AT LOST LOST 26 Iausche 3 Ed Walh 4 Bill Saa 4 Sircmilomb Ran for Kovacic in ninth SatulH Snoris 0 0 0 0 0 2 Cornelia Sports 0 1 0 0 0 roerrs ani Hop) WRIST WATCH LOST: Small gold mn 's ra nn liberal reward MAin 046r Neapoliian Club 1 6 GUO 0 1 i 3 Tony Diiun 1 1 4 I Hrmau Disanti 2 hsrlc Devito 4 i Gcorre Petuska Sieve Horath 4 DDanhs 1 Tam Radtcan 3 Rov Hum fnurth Paul Martin Svil? yards) fifth Cvril Evans ten yarn Xfrvi'n Paul Knllnr Dh N(nr Goms Brazil withdrew Time 52 bs 1 00 METER DSIL 1 1003 yards)1 11 1 Quahfviiur three each fur mi finals irst heat Eddie Tnlan (U fi A I 2 feet won Carlo Lull I Argentina) I font wiliam fianndai inrne (Holland) 1 foot 4 Ortix (Mexico 5 10 4 Olympic record of 106s held LAkewnod 3MHI RR IN A Rt VO VI Return load rat quoted everywhere RENT A TRUCK Hertt Drive Ur Self Stallone Prospect st 14 CHe rry 3960j IN deep appreciation to the Rigclnw Lnifce No 243 uuid A a1n th of 8 Etur Thatcher Id A are! Cjiv Council No 1 1 1 3 Al Sirat Grat to also the IL of Enr No 3 for their aervice! kind nrss and floral offennss x41T THE BONNER ft MILA Total 43 1 27 Hl White Cross 21 rost's Conf 00 Du Jtehcfrik Kauff 2 lomn Rr prwha Rran KiHud Janda Dmk 2 Kuli lank Knnir Error Whit 2 ront onfeotion Totols 2 inn non 0 Lo Sextnn (TL A) 52 fet 6 A Inches won (betters Olvinmo record of 52 ferl fi nch fiCf pv John Ki ck ft ft 1 92 fi Harlow Rothert A) 51 fet ft tnoh 2' rantisek Douda 'zerhn lovakiaL feet 2 inch 3 Emil Hirwhtold (Germany) 51 fei 4: Ninn Handler Error i nder par from the second hole oh gathering eight birdies Profes Grange Alves realized an am bition of several years yesterday by Isetting a new course record of 33 34 67 at Acacia Country Club Since Acacia was opened in 1924 Grange has shot numerous but never was able to get the putt that wanted so much The card was: 434 4 24 Eighty thousand fans said flay that baseball still is the national game Said it with their cash Eighty thousand baseball fars packed the Cleveland Stadium to form the largest paid attendance ever present at a baseball game I started tn say 80000 Ohio but after Meinr scores of autos New York Pennsylvania Indiana and Michigan licenses I believe Ohio must share with her sister states the credit for turning out the greatest crowd tn the history of the game It mas be that a few more hundred persons saw the Yankees and Ath letics encace in a double header at the 'Yankee Stadium in 1928 That was because 5000 possessors of pass es were present that day while the guests at the Cleveland Stadium yes terday numbered only 005 Any way it beat the largest crowd I ever at a baseball game by 17000 that sure was worth coming Chicago to see Here's rather a warm one: All along been hearing that the Tuffy in order to hold himself in line for the autumn shot at Maxie Whaxie Schmelmg would have to take the in this and do that right proper Class RarDinzks Romp Total 59 32 27 10 Taall fitamkr8 Dvill8 Hfllmani' Trejbalef ibrrl 2 rf Hula If 2 ny should lake him over the twelve round route Risko is still hoping for a shot at Max Schmehng A decisive triumph tonight certainly will not hurt his chances Griffith is being considered the most likely opponent for Schmc ling at Chicago in September so he afford to lose Both men are in perfect condition and concluded their training activi ties with light workouts yesterday morning Johnson Makes Debut Larry Johnson hard punching Chi cago light heavyweight and George Pavlik paired It will here Jack Simons will Bruno Sala Henrv uerstein Sanduskv other Dynamite Joe Dunn a Risko sparring partner is matched with I Rattles Erie in one of the two four rounders Dick Miller Cleve land and Hank Hankerson Akron are in tne opening four boys ar heavyweights Tickets priced from 50 Heelcy Moving Storage 1 2 5 rrnrn rel i a I A hy an 2463 WANT urn from nr vi cinity Harvv Marine Co 8 104 Madi son EVrgrn 2479 HEnders lf3m Laive mull vans hniT cnn! ravt frv estimate Total 5 A Taddeo A rerrolti nt ct cram E1 Walsh 3P 7 rank Laneh 39 Hnnesy 40 TftM 'rftDX By John Dietrich With an entry list of 134 players as many as in the heyday of prosper ity and including 'practically every low handicap player in the Cleveland district the 1932 women's city golf championship begins today at Shaker Heights Country Club with Mary Browne of Kirtland the one time national tennis champion seeking her second straight Cleveland title In the field will be seven of the eight quarter finalists of last sum mer: Miss Browne Mrs Har baugh of Manakiki Mrs Daw son of Lakewood Miss Edith Begg of Canterbury Mrs Herbert Stotter of Oakwood Mrs Georg Chalmers of Hawthorne and Miss Isabel evger of Oakwood Though Browne's from this itv of the Total 43 13 27 3 WAN HOHLS NASOSTO VICTOR Stsrs 3 Wad Snibb rr K) 1lh 'J fUrncWc Heavy Hitting If you were disappointed in the lack of heavy hitting at the stadium awarded flnttw on interfer ence by catcher in secund inoinf Paramount 3 1 1 5 3 0 7 Jcdnoia Taboritu 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 Runs Baumy 3 HvM 4 Partuiw 3 Galbor S'rvrart Mmak Svec 2 KaiK mm if 1 Icrlnnt a 11 Twn base Bartunf GrabbeKalvr Thrw base hit Smith Home run Smith 2 aiimy 2 Svec stolen oaee Bartunek Crabbe Bas on bail Off Rarmnk oft Melzer 4 Struck out By Bartunek by Melzer 4 1 mpire tanltran Maple A fl Totals33 7 6 iguring Tufix that he'll he the guy of the H'alker wkaliug all over Ogam atiJ admitting of coarse that no sure pop manner of figuring Brother ohantkan whether the figurer logarithms got to pick and outhelt That's fetching into consideration also the point that you're been more or less out of action for quite a spell on account of the snatch tag of your and one ad ditional point nr another Batted for Blum in ninth Viiham Beaity 123 Che Windermere 3 0 4 2(1 1 Blaha 2 kircma ft Kft aina 2 Miller 4 Malm Bunsev 2 Smith 2 peshek 2 Marino mkelhor Gent fnd 4 Shibr 3 Gather 3 Schwarta 2 GoDfrd Gm Krema Miller Smith 2 Grn Blum Two has nn Blaha Reidel 2 Miller 3 Smith Peshek mkclhor Gntlfnd I 'chieiber 2 Garbr 2 Schwarts Gait fned Gm Krau Thre ba? hit Gar ber Home runs 8 Kresina 2 Krestna 2 Malm Garbr Schwartz Umpire 8 Ree Scnrer Whrlplcy ralarky Hesperian 0 C) Godke Nowak Krupa3 Baseman If Ghmiira1 Kruif on 2 ipiela rf BEECHMOftT BEST Max Matusoff2 Harald Heller 42 37 mond 39 7H Al Jappe 3MI 79 AUGUST LIGHT (first rnund airinjsi A 'ornul Irwin Benjamin: Ubarii ox Harvey Roeen blum inkle Ca I Stin: Harold Heller A Jarpe Brt rfreU Max Matunff Lon inin A Ren: Nat4 LMer Bill Eien Pill Leier vs Cohen Class Morris Unrer But good luck anyway Tuffy And if you're the better man get the credit here The Belch Indignant no heavy hit ting at the stadium belches Mr Proofreader Billy about the figures that gate Wilnn Canada (fwo third Dr Cfn ppltzer Gemianv (five yard): (ntirih Hernmne Gildo de Rnia Anrn1ins (four yard) fifth Hjalmar Jnhflnnrsn Norway (fwo yard): sixth Rene Morri ran (hr ytrd) Jan hiM Andrade withdrew Time 1 :524 heat Wen by Thania Hamp'n Great Britain (three yards): second Sra Martin rance (three vards) Hurd Ed win T'tmnr 8 A (thre yard) i fourth May Germanv (four yard) fifth Edward Kins' Canada Julio odrisii Mexico did nnt finish Jahn Lnrclark New Zealand and ncllsi Bra zil withdrew i I 100(W MTRffi (i Inal) Tt no IZ 1 1 ttL i Prtlsi ltd 1 10 vnlrnari noiio trin'anui nn 2 I auri Viriann (inland) 4 3 ODcv (U A) 2 4t 1 nui Greeorr (IL 8 AL yard 5 John Savidan (New Zealand) 6 Palackv I Run fivodoba Hp iwnsn I Two base hits Serc rl nlay Navmik and Seraha Rae on ball Wiinderink 2 off Ener 2 Struck out By underlvk 6 hr E'snr 7 Umpire Totals 36 9 27 10 "Rattod for Patch Rarunek 2 Democratic 0 10 0 3 Uhl A nhrnfia rt Wn ula leishman Cihlar 3 Ambrus 2 Mai lioh Dike Wnjciak Walker Jehnsman ertel Bual Error Wojciak Mai iH'h 2 Dick Cjhlar Major Drill Arona Katz Lift Iwi Error By Grantland Rice (Copyruht 1932 by NANA Inc) LOS AXGELES July or three hours today some 50000 spectators had become dizzy with the tenth Olympiad swinging under way and five Olympic records falling with crash Just at this point there was a sudden lull as a lithe strong looking girl with bobbed auburn hair stepped up with a javelin in her hand As the name of Mildred (Tex Babe) Didrikson was anuounc there was a sudden cheer The Dallas wonder known as the one girl track team was facing her first Olympic test Her main rival Helien Braumuller of Germany was standing close by raulein Brau muller held the record for the javelin at 132 feet Inch And then Mildred Didrikson got a run ning start and sent the spinning javelin on its way The big crowd broke into a roar the moment it struck and quivered in the green turf The crowd knew a worlds record had been shattered without waiting for any announcer And it so happened on this first throw that Miss Didrikson had brok en the old record by more than eleven feet as the marker announced 143 feet 4 inches The sunny air of the stadium was full of dark lightning in the 100 meter tests with Ralph Metcalfe and Eddie Tolan winning both heats in conjunction with George Simpson This was the flashy middle western trio that ran one two three in th Palo Alto tests They looked like thunderbolts in black and white but for all that the afternoon brought them a dangerous rival in Arthur Jonath the German speed king who looked like a million worth of sprinting ability There were twelve survivors left for tomorrow three from the United States three from Canada two from Germany one from Holland New Zealand Japan and South Africa rom this lookout the main prize looks to be between Tolan and Met calfe with Simpson and Jonath right at the shoulder Tolan ran the fastest race of the day breaking the Olympic record with a dash of Over two months ago a brother of an Irish lad by the name of Leo Sexton of the New York Athletic Club announced it was about time the shot put record came back tn an Irish dome Leo being 6 feet 4 inches In height and weighing 245 flt he should take the matter up in a personal way Sexton had grown a trifle weary of seeing nothing hut German names in the shot put Headlines such as Kuck Brix Rothert Hartranft and Hirschfeld So todav Sexton stepped out and tossed the sixteen pound cannon ball 52 feet 6 3 16 inches to break John old Olympic mark by 4 33 3 I 3 1 Moreland ft Birvhartl 0 Kenmore Aaron Gnrfe Nabholla 4 i aileron Reid Jim Dixon Drn Har Bill Downier LOW pnee established firm larg padded van Michigan 41 4T $125 ROOM piano $2: experienced men larre closed van Mtchiran 422s BTlL THITmTiVeR Movinr $125 nym 3 men: covered van GArfield 42b MOVING $125 ROOM: 3 WHITE SieT baaee transfer MUIherrv 1927 SEVEN 2 Harold Riley Rav 1'orhas Lar ry mon ds 'hunk Talka Dr Kellum Rd Jordan Steve Kovach Jim Corliss BEST Harold Riler 39 41 66 Larrv stninwnds 43 37 RO: huck 44 S3: Carl Kushin 42 ran uryani vhi Nation Hom funks Paul Walker MftlllKII) HEIGHTS BEST SlORE Louis De More 75 Kcisier 76 Ed Miller b(J ftKWHOH JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP (quahfier) Ed Levy S3 Dan Knmhausrr 3 Rodney 3 Painnv for firr Dau Kornhauer vs Norman K'in Boh Dbrr vs Walter ishel Ed Levy va Jimmy ox Kauffman Jlmmv berr Rodney I'nnrbt ve Hud Carl Liebenthal vs Ulman Larry Silver vs a Goldsmith' Sherman Selman vs Jimmy Grrman RIDGE SENIOR CH (nlav nff for title) Smith 10 won Dr Nehon 7R 2: Scnhl rro nf day AHmsnla AlfmanH EPikk'l If APikkel2 1 den) 2 yards 1: Genrce Goldinr (Austra lia) 3 yards) ft rux Nottbrock (Ger man) 5 Tim 52 Second Robert Tisdad (Ireland) 2 yard won Jahan Aresknup (Sweden) 1 yard' 2: Luki ace Hi Utly) 1 foot 3: Joseph Halev I A) 3 inch 4 Andre Acelheun rance i 2 yard 5 Chrism Mandikaa recce) did not fin in Ditcher Sherman limited the Luxe Malts to seven hits to lead Naso Beauty Shoppes to a 7 to 1 triumph in one of fea ture Class skirmishes Sherman's ability to pitch himself out of pinches in the fourth and ninth innings when the De Luxe Malts filled the bases assured team of victory A 3 COTTAGES built and repaired: LOWEST RATES CLarwater 3530 CARPENTER Cement Work: fng Inw rate: TERMS KEnmor 0575 fit Grcor Mln jv i Total 2 3 1 ii Carle A Ptkkrl 2 Mndrl Mendlnn 2 Gren AH mania i A Pitcher'! Battle Railed for Slat(ry in ninth ft an Shop DftD tJV 4uU A Run Scuba ftft alters iw hmiw lecnowsKi 2 3 til 0 1)0 1 0 0 0 00 1 Gray fi A) 50 ft 9 inch ft: Hans Sievert (Germany) 49 5 inch 6 HIGH JUMP inal Duncan McNa uhtnn Canida: Rob Van C)del A Johnson Simon Toribio Philippine tid for firt at 6fi 5aftin' Jn iunin nff Mc wan Olymnic and Van (dfl third Toribio tourlh fifth inland nn Oft Tidal' 2S 1 i Gable TLIIi i I 7 I Bedford Glens ward Canada (thre yard): third Jahn Pnvl Grat (cvn vnrd) ft OUT TOWN ADS SHOULD BE AC COMPANIED RY CHECK TO COVER AT ABOVE RATES Mrumum 'harre 2 as'ale line Cnunl 23 letter spaces to a line (about 5 average war )) number counts 23 pae The Plain Dealer i nnt rcpnnibb for more than th firnt inrorrAti insertion Want Ad for the Morn mg Plain Dealer received until 7:45 daily ar th Sunday Plain ITalr: ri Edition 3) riday in a i Ed i nn 00 nu Satirdag iravelmr contained I Lcnvill 741 1 1 rliow uhit: reward 2NOO Hinton DOG LOST: Rrnwn Pomeranian REWARD And let it be a lesson Taffy old bovp old kid old boy 2Ve that asking you to try for a catching job rather than a pitching position tonight we know be in there doing your gof darndest but get it out of your skock roofed crop fella that win errr Brother Jonathan is going to help you toward a shindy with Schmehng or Sharkey If you can spoil our vulcanised Spoiler again Tufly go to it but the going will probably lead you to no more pleasant a place than the parking lot behind the championship eight ball There WAS a Guy! Yup I sure go "furry with all the are euL Just as rare as you are that finish front Having taken Risk thrice you have a right to feel thus about it But suspecting Tuffy that the you took wasn't the guy you'll be meeting tonight Total 36 26 bauta ball 4 2 u3i on 1 1 on Run Tanner Gornrik Kuhn 2 Pav le I (iz Wohlcemull! Errnr Zuoanac avloric 2 Gm Wohl bemuth Weinsehreidr Caputo Twn bae hit Kusmre Three bae huj Pavhc Know Hnm run Pichtoln Horn Tanner Gannreik Pa 'u Sacrifice Tanner Double plav Mtk and Caputo Kumere and Wohl ffemuth emhridr Caputo Off Raffa 3 off 6 nff Hevra 1 off Yanher 2 Smirk Rv Baffn 4 hr Mohlvemuth 3 by Hevra 2 bv Yanrher 2 Hit bv pitchr remtnh Kuhn Zunanrir Paelnvie Gon Bareik Getz Urrpir Mental and Mur phv Sv Mtmp Dick Whitmore Bolton Cal Laren Rob Itonnrp rank Hamid MrMihnn 4 REST SCORES Gnrve Nabhollx 37 71 John Race 40 AT SEVEN HILLS UHMIV PRESIDENT vi nnM) rl Youn dffea Reynold 1 nn (LIB CH A MPIONSHIPn nnalifirl Warn Lwf 30 73: Pr' Younr NO Pairings: Wan Lrv: Stanley: Bill aber Rupert: Bob Cnwriery jr HnMMlder: Churk Millrr Joe ndiy: Pal Yoimc tan Dun: Rriitold" i Studio Mc Murray William Dr Me Murray Rud Ueiwr Paul Gundersnn ftVjlliani bS 5 S3 Murray 99 Gleaon 93 Me Chunk Milkr 85 MANftKlKL Sihbaid 01 13 Gifford 9: BaL Kramer MJ Total inn i nnn onn Run Seufferi 2 Kleinhenz Wi kam Tirpak Error St Peters 1 St Procnps 6 Maple Heuhu 3 5 2 0 0 2 21 Cleveland Chanter ooo 0 10 3 Runa Laus' Mehta Marek 1 Hahn3 Peterka Lnrene 2 Gtarrk 2 Jahn Hahn 2 Jim Hahn Savle 3 Cisn Ko relka Doniwllv 3 Kozelka 2 Error I stuff krl nra Rslv 2 Marek Snboia joe ttann reieraa i Twn hae lut Lang in Hahn 2 Jo avk Home Miaa we Pr 1 rka Lorenc John Hahn Cjar Ra on ball ruett on 1 Primka I bv Tatter by Cromu DEATH NOTICES EUN ERA NOTICES LODGE NOTICES nd LOST AND OUND ADVERTIsem*nTS for the Nrit Issue of the PLAIN DEALER Received by Phone Until Midnight Each Night CALL MAIN 4500 Tnll '37 57 5 i 2 on 0 2 2 (I I Ratted for Kirk in ninth Parkbilt 4 2 2 nnn 4 St George 2D 100 0 Run rinclev Wall 2 McNeelev Iriihnnv 1 ishe Skubhv 3 (honv Westfall Hoop lnrko Newman Error St 4 rarkbill a Ht Bumped A A 4 4 4 4 4 BLIND RfiGEY 4 Schirmer 91 1 ft 7'i JUNIOR MEDAL ANDKAP Rnh 'Me Cormack 76 won Pou Morri CSt hm'r3 4 ciarkc 5 Jarkonn 5 Coleman IL 4 ESehmT2 4 By Henry Edwards Manager of the American Service Bureau and ormer Editor the Plain Dealer Totals 41 16 27 9 Ran for Cnreirn i fi tmarifan Tub 2 1 Mutual Club fiho Run Chunna Pillar 2 Kuenit1 Wyman 5 Smith 2 Kirchner Suer Levin Nah told Dahn Mutual Bubi Sid Glitock vf Lrnr: Ruby ve Sid Weilz tipper Dr Riel Dan Sanders vr Art Schaftor I Levy vs Kyraan Art M'Uenbaum Cnrre Knhen Green hnrr Smak: A Weirsberifr vs Alfhiii Norman Polu vs Jafk Altman: Dr A Bubi vs A Bond)l: Rocker Hrwitr: Weitz Ban Salopian: Bill Wrirtchaflr va Nate bhpjnbari Dr Coher vs Lefkov ich ftMtKKURY mixed foursomes (hah combined half comnined han ml Mrs Ernest Thrower net 77 won: and Mr A Sehomb! SO and and Mrs Duty net SO tied second CHAGRIN vf rt: trr nsirint Cl a a ti Edel Janann Cor rigan Sherman Lamb A Porter A Alexander liekmrer Harrv Havden bon Rvan Murdaek MullUan fi Vev Alexander John Sard cia Gustafson A Steven Geraci Hulkr AV (ft Drearier vs AL Nmhol Gavin va Hagan Thompson A Ward Devney Horton IToer vs Glen Dresden vs Geraci HILIfi 'BLIND BOGEY winning number ato hild 46 5 Tarh ft(i 46 96 KfKTrVM) MIXED 'lTRSOMEfi Mr amt Mr McWiHiarn 52 HU wnnftMr and Mr Wilson Mr and Taylor II 17 92 76 Rimninn IL ard nii! Harold Wriffht Can ada) 6 inches 2: Helmuth Karmic tGr man?) 1 foot 3 Andtoj nsl (Czechoslo vakia) 4: Anceln Lambru (Greece)withdrew Time 7 Third heat Ralph Metcalfe (l fi ft)' a i tztnn! i i it' 1 fool 2: AlUn Elliott (Nrw alunli 3 is unknown surviving: spouse 1 YV I iz 11a i A ao a4 art? vM take nntic that an inventorv appraisem*nt of the personal and ra! property of said decedent will take place at 5633 lowerdale Ave nue Cleveland on Aug 8th 1932 commencing at 9:30 A ERNEST AVILES Administrator Knight of St John Parkbilt Wallop fit George White Shirt Brigade The big crowd itself however may have been to blame in a way for the scarcity of runs Ever since iff crowds became a rather common subject of satisfaction with the ma jor league magnates the batters al ways have complained they could not see the ball until it was right on them because of the curtain of white shirts into which they looked Ten thousand men packed the Cleveland Stadium bleachers yester day and all but seventeen of them wore white shirts and no coats And do not think that did not give RobertMoses Grove with his famous snd and left hand slants a tremendous advantage particularly in pitching to the right hand hitters among the Cleveland forces Mel Harder also profiled by the presense of that daz zling white background out of which threw his curves but it always has been admitted that a southpaw always had the advantage when the background conditions are as they were yesterday An fi fnrTYtur nf CJvelandf a OA vaars 1 my old hom*o town for having turned out the greatest paid crowd in the history of the game a crowd that really was a beautiful sight from a scenic standpoint a riot of colors 1 quick Work I also wish to congratulate Alva Bradley and Billy Evans for making it poss'ible to gather a crowd with onlv a week's notice and the won derful manner in which that great crowd was handled I wish to congratulate Roger eck inpaugh for having inspired his club to great deeds during the last few weeks and the Indians because of staging such a winning record that such an enormous crowd could be attracted And 1 trust it will not be treason on the part of one who is expected! to be absolutely neutral to sav 1 hope the dav is not far away when Cleveland w'ill fi I that stadium for! four world series games U0NDAY AUGUST 1 1932 JftVLIN inal 1 Mihltod Didrikson A i 143ft 4in won (Olvmnia rci'ortl and bettor world' toward of 4 in et bv Rramvnl tor Grniai' cnnd kr Germ 142ft third leDeltor German 142ft 1 inr fourth Simpn Javan ICff fifth Nan" Ginrlrlr A 124ft 6 '4 in: ixih 2f I in ROA MTKM fiami final qualifyiriR 1hr Pach nni: 'rt haf Showing complete home course the team of Cherry Ridge Club Elyria yesterday provid ed the biggest upset of the district public links inter club race by defeat ing Willowick 20 to 9 Of the eight Cherry Ridge players onlv one was worse than 80 Howard Stamford leading with a 39 37 76 The closest match of the dav was between Harry Marsh of Cherry Ridge and Charlie Devito each shooting 8 to tie at points each AT KERRY RIDGE RILXi Llovri Laskr filoenm Harrv Marh Len Shaffer Bob Bin'h Stanford iher NInn Krurman BEST SCriRES Stove Hnn ath 39 7tl Howard Stanford 311 37 76: Harrv Marsh 4O 3b 7b: Char) Devil 39 39 7N Slocum 36 43 79 Ln Shaffer 41 79 Bob Birch 41 AT MORELAND HILLS (fieml nal Qualifvlnr three each for final ltot heat elm Hanim (U won: Mnrran Tavlnr (IL jwhas iJwf 15avid RiiecKLsv (Great 1 Britain) 1 yard 3: Stcn Pettorason (Swe ll dn) 2 yards 1: Genrire Goldins tAuatra Bnvlanrf 1 Scholrirf 2 Scheel 3 Pmnu 8 3 3 $125 ROOM niano $2 laree vans HEndornon 9756: Vergreen 32n RELIABLE MtVVERS 12'1 ROOM' MEN: COVERED VAX1 Linacrf MM MOVING of any kind kn al or Ions dis tance Iowcm price Michigan 3107 Totals 31 6 27 7 in onn ijon 1 Errors Talacky 1 Tjlhlan Mar 3 winkle AHO 3 Move free i Ain 7396 Ab hi 1 1 cton 3226 IJiUAL $1 25 ROOM (OVHEIi VAN A EDL MEN DDY 540 ARROTT SON: Local $125 room long1 i a nc co vered 0 Ichi an dins $125 RtiOM anywhere iiy: large vans: niano $2 woodbine 1646 valuable paper Thur rrward if returned no Cltorrv 8060 CLOTH 901 2 BLAINE innd with neari ai Eu juiv 21 reward 17615 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 Dotch Kihm iwo baM hit Kihm Orrrh Stolen Lah Tiechouski 2 Crabb 3 Sac nner Mark Stankus Wallers Bas on bali Off Slstirv off Sbrraanruck out Bv Slatlry 5 bv Shfrman 9 TiSSikr Bauhol and Connors Scorer SPRING ft ALLEY BLIND I Harry Haih nt Miller 74 and 75 fiLEEPV HOLLOW CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP nuallfir roto) Jnhn Jaeger 79: Matthewnn S3 A DiHe S3 Thorn lor Lake 3 Rav Grant Maon A Tirl'" 56 fiitv Burrow sfi: A ftft Hinton 7 Harry Bandy S7: ftV Laufie ss sirtnier bftftver Griewohi i Moon Sfi: McKtnMryj sR Tom Kisner 68 red Walker 89 Teter Bcl*tz 89 fJ Mannl3 9 i Wolff IRIS LODGE NO' 229 A Brethren: You are re aueatod to meet at the lode HHuns Monday Aug 1 al 1:3 to afhnd the Lt neral our lai brother 1 All ram roamer are rr riitu'i at hi i nr Church of the Saviour Lee and Brad furd Rd al 2:30 rn ELMER ft ST El HAN I ftftOODWARL) LODGE NO AON and A are reqttoricd to mrt at ih Tempi Mondi Any 1 at 12 noon in mndtirl the fu neral of nur Into brother Mathew RANK KLAWON ftV RANK yt'ILLIAMS Seyy Lost and ound A Duel Realtr A A ftft'ind'! Blaha3 SKrei a 2 Jtoidrilf Miller I Malin cf Total 3ft (uardian Transp 0 2 1 6 0 Haber Auto ftV 0 00 OOu McDonnell 2 Rrockie Romanek Sjperke 2 Honec Shier Pa lovic Berndt 2 Biaglcw Grum Errors Guardian Transport 2 Haber Auto Two base hifs Draecer Homc ii 1 1 ncK Mravee Pavlovie Mcvonnen Allan Elliott (New 1 ind Ernest Pare (Great Britain I yards 4: Emt Gerrhng (Germany) Tinto IO7 ourth Arthur Jonath ICermanvl 6 inch won: Daniel tiherl (Smith AfrieaL 2 feL 2: Rirrhall riron (Can ada) I fool 3: 'sp dr Almeida Brazil 2 tort 4 Iron Anno (Japan) 5 Time 195 PAINTING ftPERHANGINti let rlaas 1 1 D1 1 ICE CLea rwaier 1913 PAPERHANGING 15c roll Euaranteed prompt service SHadyaide 2273 PAINTING papering: floor refiniridnr low rato: easv terms MUjherry 7 498 Vtoxetanuj Kuhn I Wish t0 PavhcH cb nj at District Country Clubs i If BLIND AR Rm ha tan Mellor and Mdtor net s5 firsu Class Guardians Wreck Haber Totals 34 11 24 11 St Gregorys 1 2 0 0 00 4 6 bhamrocks 0 1 0 010 0 0 vJoe Bednar 2 Andrew Oblak Rnzak Jahn Bednar Ihnot 6 bi Grrnr 1 Twotoae skL Schultz Thtoe ba hits Belcher Andre Siotor bas Eohon Portor Oblak Koav Book Sac rifice kobr Merer Ra on balls Off Neitzel 1 nff Merer 2 aff 1 Struck nui By ft by Mrvpfi 3 for ftYelsa Umpires Kubat and ftroi 1 rtinre Merchant Pardon me folks but while you're all talking of the like to tell just one little story of old League Park take a jiff just as a couple of us had crossed Lexington Avenue from a parking space last riday The first inning was on already and a hunch of kids stretched flat on their tummies were peeking in un der the right field gate Piped one of 'em looking Up as we passed: "Say when you guys get in there tell Bill Cissell move over closer toward second base will ya? my view home And now comes the news that Edward Michael Walker? pmbabh on the strength of his WHIPPING at the mitt of the old Rubber Gux here recently is almost certain to souare off with the German at the Long Island City Bowl soon after mid September Put on your soccer brethren and kick THAT Trail BL i By JW KR C3f 5 a 3 "wB Sports Zo A ready The Way of the Racket 4 202 xjkifawfMMia 03 ft 6 VH.

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