Serving the legal needs of the whole community: McQuarrie Hunter (2024)

McQuarrie Hunter, a Surrey-based, full service law firm, counts businesses, individuals and institutions in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia as clients.

“We’re in the sweet spot here. Our offices are in the downtown core of BC’s second largest and fastest-growing city. We are witnessing growth in the region and among our corporate clients – we’re really well-positioned to support them,” says Tako van Popta, Managing Partner. “We like to say that we have 25 lawyers and more than 25 areas of law, but we hope you don’t need them all.”

A 75-year history and a long firm name

“McQuarrie Hunter has a 75-year history in our region, dating back to the mid-1930s when Colin D. McQuarrie opened his law office in New Westminster. In 1967, his law firm joined three other law firms and became McQuarrie Hunter Fisher MacKinnon Gates Pettenuzzo and Pearce, but on the insistence of their over-worked receptionist, soon shortened its name to McQuarrie Hunter,” says Van Popta.

Now in Surrey’s Central City offices

Five years ago the firm amalgamated the Surrey and New Westminster offices into one large office in the newly-constructed Central City tower in Surrey. They’ve never looked back.

The office is state-of-the-art and serves all types of client needs well. As for the firm’s services, Van Popta says, “Well, we basically advise small and mid-sized businesses on everything they could possibly need right up to succession planning, and we support individuals with personal injury claims, their estate planning, wealth preservation, family law issues – really, anything they need for their well-being. I think it’s fair to say that we have a special collection of lawyers and staff here. They genuinely care about our clients and are sensitive to their unique set of circ*mstances. That’s probably a big reason – aside from our legal expertise – that brings clients back to us repeatedly.”

Generations of successful clients

A source of pride for the firm is the many returning clients including multi-generational families who have been with the firm for decades. “We are so grateful to be included in the on-going pursuits of clients. We find ourselves serving more multi-generational clients than ever as one generation passes on their business acumen, and their wealth, to the next,” says Van Popta.

Believing in and supporting the community

Besides providing legal advice, the firm considers the well-being of the community as one of its core values. The Surrey Memorial Hospital, the Royal Columbian Hospital, Surrey Board of Trade, the Kinsmen Seniors Lodge and the International Rotary Club of Surrey, are among the recipients of the firm’s support. “We take pride in supporting the wellness of our community, both financially and in countless volunteer hours. Our lawyers are trained to give meticulous attention to detail when providing legal advice to our clients, but never to lose sight of the fact that the rule of law is a human story,” says Van Popta.

Skilled services for individuals and businesses at McQuarrie Hunter LLP

Business law

Our business lawyers work with a wide range of businesses across an impressive number of industries. We are well-positioned to help advance your business interests whether that’s protecting your investment, effectively handling your business disputes or advising on business mergers or acquisitions.

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Wade Winkler

Land Development

Our clients are assembling land development projects, re-zoning property, and structuring residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. We advise them on appropriate business structures for development projects, joint ventures and cost-sharing agreements, and all aspects of debt and equity financing. We also assist with real estate disclosure statements and sales contracts, and on all aspects of commercial leasing.

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Greg van Popta

Personal Injury (ICBC claims)

Our motor vehicle accident clients obtain fair compensation for their injuries. Our lawyers help you navigate ICBC’s claims process so that your legal rights and obligations can be assessed and your interests protected so you can focus on your recovery. Our lawyers have considerable experience and a strong track record of achieving fair settlements for our clients through the courts and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

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Perry Armitage

Family Law

We help clients deal with the complex and emotional issues common to family law. Issues such as divorce, child custody, support, and adoption require legal guidance that is equal parts compassion, determination and expertise. We guide our clients through the process that will achieve their goals. An objective and pragmatic assessment of your rights and obligations is followed by a review of your goals and preferred outcomes. We then help you develop an appropriate strategy which may include negotiation, mediation and litigation.

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David Halkett

Estate Disputes

Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise at both the BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in dealing with our clients' legal disputes which often involve the validity or fairness of Wills, the ownership of assets - land and investments - and arrangements for the care and financial welfare of seniors. We help find the best solution for complex and sensitive issues which often involve family members.

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Jacy Wingson

Estate Planning

Planning your estate can be a delicate and difficult matter. Our lawyers recognize that meeting a client’s needs requires both compassion and legal guidance. We prepare estate plans, including Wills and other related documents, from the simplest to the most complex. We advise on a number of estate planning and wealth preservation tools, which can help control the distribution of your assets while minimizing negative tax consequences. In particular, we advise on the preparation and administration of trusts and corporate transfers.

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Elyssa Lockhart

Succession Planning

Running a successful family business presents unique challenges as owners must consider what is good for the business, but also what is good for the family. One essential tool for a successful family business is an ownership agreement to help the family member shareholders understand and allocate risk factors and dispute resolution options. Such agreements also provide liquidity opportunities for all members, and shape the ownership structure of the business to support the family’s vision of the business and itself.

Tako van Popta

Serving the legal needs of the whole community: McQuarrie Hunter (7)
15th Floor, Central City Tower, Suite 1500, 13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 5X3
T: 604.581.7001

Serving the legal needs of the whole community: McQuarrie Hunter (2024)
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