Proof of Enrollment | UCLA Registrar’s Office (2024)

Proof of enrollment certifies registration (fee payment and enrollment status) and degrees earned.

Proof of enrollment does not display courses or grades, but does include

  • month and day of birth
  • date(s) of admission
  • terms and dates of attendance
  • enrollment status for each term attended
  • class level and career
  • College or school attended
  • major(s)
  • degree-expected term
  • UCLA degree(s) awarded and date(s) of award
  • Registrar’s seal and signature

Enrollment Status

A study list of 12 or more units for registered undergraduate students, or 8 or more units for registered graduate students, is considered full-time status for enrollment reporting, insurance, intercollegiate athletics, and financial aid purposes.

Proof of enrollment confirms student enrollment status only after registration fees have been paid for the term. Verification of student workload is based on actual enrolled units. It does not consider wait-listed units.

Most students can use the proof of enrollment request.

Classes Dropped for Nonpayment

After the term registration fees payment deadline, classes are automatically dropped if fees have not been paid in full. Nonpayment drop dates are published on the term calendar. Several days before a nonpayment drop deadline, warning notifications are e-mailed to enrolled students who have not paid in full. Several weeks before that, all students are e-mailed a reminder notification of term fee payment and enrollment deadlines.

For verification that classes were dropped for nonpayment on a scheduled drop date, students can obtain an official classes dropped for nonpayment letter. This letter does not guarantee re-enrollment.

New Incoming Student Scholarship

New students who require proof of enrollment to receive a scholarship may obtain a letter confirming admission to the University and intent to register for the term of admission by using a new student verification request. Or, students may wait until fees are paid to request proof of enrollment.

California Department of Motor Vehicles

Students may obtain a letter that verifies enrollment, degree, date of birth, and California mailing address for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Students must have a California mailing address on their UCLA records. Use the DMV letter request.

195CE Internship Course Credit

Students may obtain a letter that verifies academic credit is being received for a 195CE internship course by using the internship letter request. Students must be enrolled in the 195CE class before submitting this request.

Other Verifications

Degree Verification

For graduating students, verification of a degree can be issued after the degree has been posted to the student’s record, approximately six weeks after the end of the term. If earlier proof of degree is required, students can request a degree completion letter; they should also contact a degree auditor. There is no fee for this letter, but a special degree processing fee may apply if special action must be taken. See Final Transcript for details.

English Language Verification

The downloadable English language verification (PDF) confirms that courses at UCLA are taught in the English language, unless otherwise noted (e.g., foreign language courses). It also refers to the official UCLA policy as published in the UCLA General Catalog Academic Policies section.


The UCLA Registrar’s Office notarizes only those documents it issues: diplomas, official transcripts, and proofs of enrollment. See Notary Services.

Other Special Verification

A student who needs a verification letter for anything not covered herein should submit a special letter request. This form should NOT be used for any documents or services that are already available through MyUCLA or for which a specific form already exists. When describing the special request, the student should be as specific as possible. If the request can be satisfied, a special handling fee is charged to the student BruinBill account. Allow three business days for processing.

Online requests are preferred. However, students who cannot access the online special letter request may submit a PDF/paper request instead. Submit this form, with payment and attachments if applicable, to the Registrar’s Office by e-mail, mail, or in person at the student services window.

Fees and Payment

Proof of enrollment is available at no charge through MyUCLA. Most other documentation is also available to students at no charge. Fees for services, expedited delivery, and special handling are selected and acknowledged on each form. See also the complete list of transcript-related fees. Fees are subject to change at any time.

  • Online orders require an American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA credit card.
  • Mail orders must be accompanied by a check or money order, payable to Regents-UC.
  • In-person orders by current students are billed to the BruinBill account.

For questions, contact Registrar’s Office units by e-mail or through the Message Center.

Third-Party Verifications

All third parties, such as employers and creditors, must obtain verifications from UCLA-authorized National Student Clearinghouse or the appropriate professional school.

  • National Student Clearinghouse
    Undergraduate degree
    Graduate academic degree
    1980 or later dentistry DDS degree
    1980 or later law JD, LLM, MLST, or SJD degree
    1980 or later medicine MD degree
  • School of Dentistry
    Pre-1980 DDS degree
    Residency training programs: internship, postgraduate, etc.
  • School of Law
    Pre-1980 JD or LLM degree
  • David Geffen School of Medicine
    Pre-1980 MD degree
    Individual programs: clinical, fellowship, internship, residency, training, etc.
  • UCLA Extension
    All enrollment and certificate programs
Proof of Enrollment | UCLA Registrar’s Office (2024)
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