Percy and Annabeth: Wedding In The Stars (2024)


  • 1 Chapter 1; The Proposal
  • 2 Chapter 2; The Separation
  • 3 Chapter 3; Forbidden Contact
  • 4 Chapter 4: Aphrodite
  • 5 Chapter 5: Working Progress
  • 6 Chapter 6: The Wedding

Chapter 1; The Proposal[]

Have you ever witnessed a wedding in the sky? Let me tell you what it's like, what if you were a constellation getting married to another? That's what happened to Percy and Annabeth. After the war with Gaia, Percy and Annabeth were eighteen. Percy Kept going to school and was dedicated to going to New Rome University. Annabeth, well, she became the greatest architect in America. One day, Annabeth called him and they arranged to meet at the beach by camp half blood. So while Percy was wading around, Annabeth showed up and Percy's jaw dropped, she looked like a supermodel in her swimsuit and, with her bag full of designs and notes, a smart girl/ supermodel/ amazingly hot architect. Percy smiled at her.

'Hi, Annabeth! I ...haven't seen you in forever' he gaped

"It hasn't even been that long!" She cried

'10 weeks can go a long way!' Percy defended

'Oh, sorry, I wanted to give you something- er,- ask you something... actually both-uh' He rummaged around, as if looking for something. Finally, he pulled out a box from the sand and gave it to her.

'Annabeth, I never stopped thinking of you, and every second I'm away from you, I miss you, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?'

Chapter 2; The Separation[]

Annabeth opened the box and gasped. Inside was a beautiful gold ring with a gold diamond eyed owl in the middle.

She smiled at Percy and said, 'Of Course!!'

Then Percy grinned so wide, he looked like his face would explode.

But, before they could talk any further, a tall, gray eyed woman appeared.

In a loud, clear, thundering voice she announced, 'Perseus Jackson, I do not approve of this marriage. I told you once before, stay away from my daughter. Now you have gone to far, you must be destroyed.'

But before Athena could blast Percy to porkchop, Poseidon emerged from the sea and said, 'Athena, do not harm my son. We must make measures without destroying our children'

After some intense arguing Athena agreed to not blast Percy off the face of the earth, (for now) -she turned to Annabeth-'Come with me, my daughter. And never speak to him,'-she pointed a finger to Percy-'again.'

Then they left.

Chapter 3; Forbidden Contact[]

Poseidon took Percy to his palace and said, 'Perseus, you must understand. You can't date that... girl' anymore. You must find other girls because it depends on your life.'

Percy sighed then threw a whiny three year old tantrum, 'But I love Annabeth! She's my entire life! It isn't fair.' Poseidon sighed, 'Please, Perseus. I'm going to be late for the council. I can't stay and keep your mouth shut'

Percy still whined. Poseidon just sighed and left. The instant he left, Percy collapsed on the bed laid out for him. 'Annabeth,' he thought 'we'll get through this. I just don't know how' Finally, he pulled out a golden drachma, made a rainbow with the water and a lamp. He tossed the coin in and said, 'O Iris' accept my offering' The mist shimmered. 'Show me my beloved Annabeth Chase'

The mist showed Annabeth in the Empire State building, wearing jeans and a blouse. 'Annabeth!' Percy yelled.

Annabeth turned then her eyes widened. 'Percy!' she squealed. 'How are you?' They chatted about old times and other important matters.

At mid conversation, a bright light shinned behind Annabeth and from that light a voice said,' Annabeth! What are you doing?!'

Chapter 4: Aphrodite[]

Athena strode forward and planted her hand on Annabeth's shoulder. 'Perseus Jackson, what are you doing?'

'L-lady Athena. I was....was..’

'You disrespected me, Son of Poseidon. Like what your father had done a day ago.'

Poseidon came to the scene and said, 'Athena, get your daughter away from my son. She has started this...monstrosity and she must end it'

'You dare blame my daughter?! Your son has done it. Keep him in his own zone' Athena shot back at Poseidon's face, then they started yelling at each other, very loudly. Eventually Aphrodite overheard them.

'Poor Percy' she thought, 'He deserves a nice marriage

A thought went in her head. Then she set out to put her plan into action...

Chapter 5: Working Progress[]

It took Aphrodite weeks to prepare, arranging all the decorations, the deserts, and making a large, church-like room in the sky, all without the mortals and the other gods noticing!

But eventually, she finally finished and used massive amounts of charmspeak trying to convince Zeus and Artemis to put constellations of Percy and Annabeth into the sky, "They saved Olympus countless times!"

After a while, Zeus and Artemis were convinced that they should put the constellations into the sky.

"Well that's odd," Zeus said, after they put the swirling masses up into the sky. "The stars are rearranged, it looks like some kind of room"

"Yes" Agreed Artemis.

Aphrodite cursed under her breath, They finally noticed what she has been doing! Aphrodite quickly calmed herself down. This was the last chance to try and make her plan work! Aphrodite put as much magic into her voice as she could "Oh that?" She giggled, "that's nothing, it all look the same to me!"

A glaze went over Zeus and Artemis's eyes, obscured by the magic. Quickly, as fast as she could, Aphrodite summoned all the Mist she could find, and placed it on the constellations. Then, the gods departed, finally.

Aphrodite ran down (or floated down,) to Poseidon's palace, and snuck into Percy's room while Poseidon was in a meeting, only to find Percy pacing the room, scratching his chin, and muttering under his breath, "got to make a to make a to make a plan..."

When he saw Aphrodite, his eyes almost popped out of his head, " Oh my gods! It's you, you're here!" Then he grew a huge smile on his face "Aphrodite, I need help, I want to marry Annabeth, but this stupid rivalry between Athena and my dad has gotten in my way, I can't live without her, I need your help!"

Aphrodite smiled at Percy, then she told him her idea, Percy's eyes widened even more. "How can we do it without the other gods finding out," he shivered " I don't even think about what Athena might do if she found out"

Aphrodite frowned, "I thought after all these years, you've learned what the Mist can do."

Percy shot her a confused look "I do, but I thought that only worked on mortals and half-bloods."

"It can work on gods too, in large amounts" Aphrodite explained, "all we have to do is find Annabeth and put both of your minds into your constellations."

Chapter 6: The Wedding[]

Aphrodite and Percy snuck up on to Mount Olympus, broke into Athena's master temple and finally found Annabeth's room. They found Annabeth weeping on her bed, and talking to herself "Can't... must...have to be together..." She was crying so hard, she didn't seem to notice her door creak open.

Percy ran across the room to her, bent down, and smiled, Annabeth looked between her fingers, gasped, and flung herself at Percy, tackling him with a hug and kissing him.

"Awwww..." Aphrodite crooned, "That's just to sweet! I new you guys would make a beautiful couple!"

Annabeth looked up from the ground, then a shocked and confused look spread across her face, " did you..."

"Annabeth...get up...can't breath.." Percy groaned.

Annabeth quickly got up "Oh gods...I'm sorry Percy..." She didn't get the chance to say more, because Percy leaned in on her and kissed her.

They only stopped when Aphrodite hummed "Kissing in a tree" loudly. Annabeth asked what they were doing there, and Percy and Aphrodite explained the plan, Annabeth listened, wide-eyed, while holding hands with Percy.

When they were done, Annabeth was silent.

Percy spoke up."I know it's risky, Annabeth, but I'm willing to do it if it means we're together."

Aphrodite looked at Annabeth with a You're so lucky you have him expression. "Okay," said Annabeth slowly, "how do we do it?"

Aphrodite smiled and waved her hand. Suddenly the three of them were up high in the sky, even above the highest clouds, Annabeth screamed, Percy panicked and started running with a nauseous expression on his face. Aphrodite managed to calm them down. Annabeth looked around, and saw that they were standing in the stars.

She was dressed in a sparkling dark blue dress, had golden braids in her hair, and a beautiful necklace with an owl on it. Her skin twinkled, as if someone had sprinkled glitter on it. She looked at Percy, and saw that he was dressed in pitch black, except for a dark blue twinkling tie. His skin didn't sparkle, but his hair did.

They both looked at each other with loving looks on each of their faces Aphrodite snapped them out of it when she said "well, It's showtime!" Suddenly, the starry room around them burst to life., fountains exploded with water, and torches blew to life. Annabeth and Percy turned, and saw that they were in a starry church, except there weren't any seats.

Aphrodite laughed with delight, "do you guys like it? I made it myself!"

"Wow!" Said Percy, staring, open-mouthed, at the church.

"I'll be right back, you two!" Aphrodite said, "why don't you two just take your places?"

"Where are you going?" asked Annabeth

"Why, to attract some godly attention, of course!" Replied Aphrodite.

"But I thought the whole point of this was to have the gods not interfere," Percy said

Aphrodite smiled at him, " I'm not going to have the gods interfere, I'm just going to have them notice. Percy, one of the most important things you will learn in life is to not hide love, just because you're afraid. And I really want to annoy Athena with this." With one last smile, she shimmered and disappeared.

Annabeth and Percy walked down the aisle, holding hands, and took their places, after a few minutes, they heard Aphrodite giggling behind them, "look at them, down there!" She giggled, pointing.

Percy and Annabeth looked down from the sky, and saw the Olympians staring, gape-mouthed, up at them.

Athena's shock turned to rage, shaking her fist at the sky and yelling, Zeus and Artemis looked very confused as if they were struggling to remember something important, Poseidon looked shocked and nervous but then he looked at how happy Percy was and started clapping. The rest of the gods were either confused, or cheering.

A man made of stars appeared in front of them, dressed like a priest. Percy and Annabeth turned so they could face each other. They put their hands out in front of them and held them. "Marriage, is so much more then marriage, it is a partnership, forever bound together, a person to trust, a reason to yell, and so do you, Percy Jackson, take Annabeth Chase as your wife, to help, care for, trust and love, to bake, cook, and clean with?" The man asked

"I do" Percy said.

"And do you, Annabeth Chase, take Percy Jackson as your husband, to care for, trust, love, to relish every moment with him, to clean every diaper, and to read every book with him?"

Annabeth looked down at Olympus, she saw her mother screaming and shaking her head in rage, then she looked at Percy, who was smiling at her lovingly, she squeezed his hands tighter...

"I do" She said,

"You may kiss the bride," Annabeth and Percy leaned forward at the same time and kissed.

Below, Athena seemed to realise she could not stop this. She relaxed, and she and Poseidon began to join the clapping. After the wedding Annabeth and Percy Decided to stay down at Earth for a while, they settled in to a home, and had three amazing children.


Percy and Annabeth: Wedding In The Stars (2024)
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