OUInsider - Scouting take: 2024 four-star OG Eddy Pierre-Louis is Sooners' next mauler (2024)

Oklahoma's 2024 class has the potential to be something truly special, as the Sooners continue to stack top-shelf talent that will certainly correlate to life in the SEC.

The Brent Venables effect is in full swing in Norman, as OU is on the verge of signing the best recruiting classes in recent history in back-to-back seasons. Their most recent addition, 2024 four-star OG Eddy Pierre-Louis, lifted the Sooners to the No. 6 class in the cycle.

As the No. 2 player at his position and the No. 27 overall player, according to Rivals, Pierre-Louis is one of the highest-rated interior offensive linemen that Oklahoma has landed out of high school since Creed Humphrey signed as a member of the 2017 class.

While Humphrey has gone on to become one of the best centers in the National Football League, what Pierre-Louis will develop into is still a mystery. However, there's no question that he's got the tools to become a major feather in the cap of the best offensive line coach in the country, Bill Bedenbaugh.

OUInsider - Scouting take: 2024 four-star OG Eddy Pierre-Louis is Sooners' next mauler (1)

Strong, Solid Build

One of the first coaches to take the time and mentor me often used a term to describe a stocky, stout defensive lineman from the opposition while we scouted. "Well, that kid's gonna be tough. He built like a brick s***house," he'd say.

Listed at 6'4", 320 pounds, that is a very good way to describe the body type that Pierre-Louis possesses at this point in his career. With broad shoulders, and a robust upper body, Pierre-Louis has very good upper body strength and explosive hand movement when striking. With an 80" wingspan, he's also got great length for an interior lineman, which is incredible considering he's recorded 25 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press.

While it appears that he'll need to become more flexible at his hips and knees, that's not uncommon for a player of his build. Overall, Pierre-Louis has the build to be a monster guard at the next level.

OUInsider - Scouting take: 2024 four-star OG Eddy Pierre-Louis is Sooners' next mauler (2)

Impressive Speed and Agility

Pierre-Louis is a multi-sport athlete who also plays basketball and runs track, and seeing him on the court and in the lanes is impressive. A member of the Tampa Catholic 4x1 team, it looks unnatural to see a man of his size move as quickly as he does down the track.

Pierre-Louis moves with authority and is an imposing presence as a puller in the run game. He is the definition of a road grader out in space, with an incredible amount of momentum carried behind his frame, and it shows when he makes contact.

When watching his one-on-one drills at camps, his pass-pro steps are powerful and explosive, allowing him to get to his sets quickly. That said, he is a bit raw at times with his footwork. However, his immense strength allows him to knock pass rushers off the path or to simply overpower them once contact is made. Once the footwork and base are cleaned up so elite pass rushers can't pull him, Pierre-Louis will be a force in the middle.

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Tenacious and Violent Blocker

Pierre-Louis' highlight film is an eight-and-a-half-minute montage of pancake blocks and finishing blocks to the ground. Not lacking for aggression or drive to block through the whistle, there are several instances where he blocks for a bit too long, but that's better than the alternative.

Having an attitude and desire to inflict pain on your opponent is something that most great offensive linemen have, especially on the interior heading into the Southeastern Conference. Pierre-Louis will be forced to face some of the best athletes in the world going up against the defensive tackles in the SEC, but it appears he has the tenacity needed to be successful there.

Overall, Pierre-Louis exhibits elite strength and has the ability to move very quickly in straight-line situations such as pulling or working downfield on screen plays. His lateral movement is adequate, but for a player his size, it's impressive. Pierre-Louis will need to work on the technical side of his game, primarily footwork and his base, but once that is mastered, there's nothing stopping him from being an absolute mauler of a guard for the Sooners moving forward.

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OUInsider  -  Scouting take: 2024 four-star OG Eddy Pierre-Louis is Sooners' next mauler (2024)
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