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2 Kentucky New Era Monday Aug 11 1975 Markets Politicians Stocks Thought Oil Decline Gifts Personal A Photo by Doo Smith Cutting Expenses Kissinger Appeals Local Livestock or New Sea Treaty Louisville Sales Nurses To Have III Hubbard Visits of Cash Grain Todd Shooting Jails Woman Hustle' Van McCoy LEO Oil ees Held Illegal By US Appeals Court Israel Seeks US Aid Sinai Pact Believed Near a Sweet It Is (To Be By You)" James ITY $1 bills adorn this ribbon being cut by Mayor George Atkins Jr as part of the grand opening of the city's newest restaurant Burger Queen located on US 68 West just past North Drive The operator Lloyd Russell (right) helps Atkins during the Saturday ceremony The restaurant donated the money which will go to the United und for support of several community agencies through its yearly campaign By The Associated Press Two high ranking Israeli officials flew to Washington today to resume talks on their request for $25 billion in US aid Diplomatic sources interpreted the visit as a sign that agreement with Egypt on a new Sinai pact was not far off Mordechai Gazit director general of Prime Minister Yit zhak office told news men as he left Tel Aviv that the trip was a dramatic development but merely a link in the chain of events aimed at achieving another interim with Egypt The United States broke off aid discussions with Israel last spring following the break down of Secretary of State Henry A peace shuttle Diplomatic sources in Tel Aviv said the resumption of the aid talks was a sign the United States was satisfied that Israel was making concessions to Egypt Rabin told a Jerusalem news conference Sunday that progress had been made toward a Sinai accord but There will be a picnic supper and Mrs Peggy Law state president will be a special guest zone extending 200 miles from their shores accept them (200 mile limits) would bring 30 per cent of the oceans under national territorial control in the very area through which most of the shipping the secretary said Kissinger put qualification on his acceptance of a 12 mile limit nine miles further than the current national ocean jurisdiction in the interest of protecting free navigation Kissinger said the United States will accept the 12 mile limit that the unim peded transit rights through The oil import tariffs were challenged last eb 4 only three days after the first round was imposed by the governors of eight states: Massachusetts Con necticut Maine New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Rhode Island and Ver mont On eb 21 US District Judge John Pratt upheld the oil tariffs and refused to enjoin the government against collecting them But the US Appeals Court now has reversed that decision and invalidated the tariffs recognize that we are overturning an honest attempt by the President to find a solution to a difficult said the opinion by Judge Edward A Tamm with Judge Harold Leventhal concurring But the opinion added that normal checks and balances on each branch of could not be suspended by citing national security or emergency Congress has not authorized the President to impose the oil tariffs the court said adding laws were not established merely to be followed only when times are The decision pointed out that President could have moved against this (oil import) problem on a unilateral basis through direct controls he could have sought as he has additional measures from Explaining its decision against the tariffs the court said find that Congress only delegated authority to the President to adjust imports to protect national security through direct mechanisms the two tier program of license fees initiated by Presidents Nixon and ord are beyond the scope of their authority and cannot Judge Roger Robb dissented from the opinion from page 1 panics and US Rep Robert Drinan Mass A spokesman for Drinan said the decision appeared to offer great op portunity to recover some of the collected under the import fees But the lawsuits had sought only an injunction to forbid collection of the fees and refunds might require further legal action William Connole attorney for Drinan and the utility companies said the appeals court has 21 days in which to issue orders to the District Court which had earlier upheld the fees Connole said the government might seek to stay that order and might appeal to the whole Court of Appeals and perhaps the Supreme Court but the EA has given him no indication of its in tentions he said ormer President Richard Nixon had initiated a graduated scale of fees on imported oil in 1973 to replace the direct quotas which had limited imports since 1959 Last ebruary President ord im posed a tariff of $1 per barrel on crude oil in a bid to restrain the demand for im ported oil which had quadrupled in price since moderate fee schedule ord added a second dollar per barrel tariff on crude oil in May plus a tariff of 60 cents per barrel on imported refined products tariffs have been estimated to increase the price of consumer petroleum products around three cents per gallon ord had held in reserve a third round of oil tariffs and ederal Energy Administrator rank Zarb had talked recently of removing the present tariffs to counteract any inflationary impact from the anticipated end of price controls on domestic oil By KENNETH REED MONTREAL (AP) Secre tary of State Henry A Kissin ger said today that failure to negotiate a new law of the sea treaty lead to unre strained military and com mercial rivalry in mounting political He made the prediction in a speech to the annual con vention of the American Bar Association in Montreal competitive practices and claims are soon harmonized the world faces the prospect of mounting Kissinger said of the increasing bitterness between nations over fishing and ocean bed exploitation Kissinger outlined the basic American approach to a new treaty including the US ac ceptance of a basic but quali fied 12 mile territorial sea limit He also rejected claims by some nations that they should have full sovereignty over a Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is according to the stars or Tuesday Aug 12 1975 ARIES (Mar 21 to Apr 20): A day for action! Be sure your energies are directed into constructive channels wait until errors are committed before you get better organized TAURUS (Apr 21 to May 21) A good period for introducing new ideas also for developing those of others Streamline your activities with both quality and productivity in mind GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) a tendency now to take off on tangents or useless ventures if you do not keep your mind on immediate objectives Let moderation be your keyword today CANCER (June 22 to July 23): Some restraint in order Also come rechecking of plans Prospects brightening in several areas Be sure to make the most of them LEO (July 24 to Aug 23): Balance earnings against expenditures also study where tactics moves should be altered stepped up or slowed down: A day for thoughtful appraisal VIRGO (Aug 24 to Sept 23) change plans or methods without first consulting all concerned Study where changes are needed and to what degree Press for efficiency LIBRA (Sept 24 to Oct 23): abandon a project just because someone else may not be enthusiastic about it but listen to their ideas anyway There could be some angles you have overlooked SCORPIO (Oct 24 to Nov 22) Dealings with others may have their ups and downs: you remain serene and tolerant Where things seem to be in a slump use your imagination to inject new vigor SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 to Dec 21): Curb a tendency to be overly critical look for flaws in every matter that comes up Emphasize your tolerance and steadiness CAPRICORN (Dec 22 to Jan 20) amiliar matters favored rather than new enterprises You may encounter tense feelings in some areas Keep your balance and look at the br ight side of things AQUARIUS (Jan 21 to eb 19): Put inferences conceded facts and other material together and scrutinize well then you will be surer when you make decisions and move ahead PISCES (eb 20 to Mar 20): This will be a day calling for good judgment Do not let unexpected situations ruffle you and do not let yourself be pushed into erroneous paths by the prodding of others You bom today are endowed with a fine intellect a magnetic personality great versatility and a brilliant sense of humor You are objective in your thinking would make an excellent lawyer judge or business executive You love the theater and even though you may not choose the stage as a career your flair for the dramatic will express itself in any field you choose Especially in writing or as a composer of music will this gift shine out Traits to curb: impulsiveness overaggressiveness Hopkinsville Elevator was paying aj of noon today: yellow com 295 white com 300 soybeans 575 wheat 320 King Livestock Co Inc Hogs: Butchers 100 higher 200 230 lbs 5650 5750 superiors 5800: sows 100 higher 42004500 Cattle Bulls 100 higher all other 1 classes steady choice slaughter steers 4650 4800 choice slaughter heifers 44504600 slaughter cows 1100 2200 slaughter bulls 2100 2500 LOUISVILLE Ky (AP) USDA Cattle and calves 2300 salughter steers and heifers steady to $1 lower othep slaughter classes and feeders steady Slaughter steers choice 950 1100 lbs $43504750 mixed good and choice $40 44 and good 900 1200 lbs $3280 40? standard and low good 1000 1300 $25 32 Slaughter heifers choice 780 875 lb $43 4580 mixed good and choice 800 1000 $374350 good 700 900 $3150 37 Slaughter cows utility and commercial $19 22 a few highdressing individuals af $2250 23 cutter $16 19 canners $13 16 Slaughter bulls yield grade one two 1100 1400 lbs indicating 75 78 car cass boning percent at $2350 2650 Slaughter calves and vealers choice 150 250 vealers $24 35 good $17 25? choice 250 350 calves $23 30 good $16 23 eeder steers choice 300 500 lbs $2550 3050 500 600 $29 3150 700 1000 $30 1 3180 mixed good and choice 300 500 $24 28 500 700 $27 31 700 965 $28 31 good 300 500 $20 24 500 700 $23 28 300 500 $15 20 Heifers choice 350 500 $20 2525 500 670 $21 2480 mixed good and choice 300 500 $18 21 500 700 $19 21 good 300 600 $16 19 Hogs 800 compared to last Thursday barrows and gelts $175 2 higher US ones and twos from 210235 lbs $5890 5905 ones and threes 200250 lbs $5850 59 twos and threes 210260 $5750 5850 Slaughter sows steady to 50 higher instances $100 higher on weights under 450 pounds US ones and threes 300 lbs $4950 5050 with a few 450 650 lbs at $5050 5175 300 500 lbs $3850 39 50 Boars over 300 pounds 4475 4510 Sheep 50 market not established earlier HEADLEY COGGINS Services for Headley Eugene Coggins 45 Rt 2 Pembroke will be at 2 pm Tuesday at Maddux uneral Home Pembroke The Rev Ralph Williams and the Rev Denny Burchett will officiate with burial in Rosedale Cemetery Mr Coggins died at 10 am Sunday at the Baptist Hospital Nashville Tenn following a one month illness He was born Aug 23 1929 the son of the late James Coggins and Mrs lora Strickland Hopkinsville He was a building contractor and farmer In addition to his mother survivors include his widow Mrs Janie Jeffries Coggins two sons David and Bobby Coggins one daughter Miss Pamela Coggins of the home his grandmother Mrs ML Robertson Hopkinsville two sisters Mrs Teresa Wallace St Louis Mo and Mrs Debbie Bradshaw Hopkin sville and one grandchild GUTHRIE A Guthrie woman was arrested on a charge of malicious shooting and wounding with intent to kill in an incident at her home Sunday According to Todd Deputy Bruce Marklin Rosie Warfield about 25 was charged after she allegedly shot James Gough in the foot about noon Sunday Marklin said the shooting took place during an argument LOUISVILLE Ky (AP) Several Kentucky politicians apparently made illegal cam paign contributions of cor porate Ashland Oil Inc funds say they were not aware these gifts were not made per sonally by the Ashland of ficials from whom they were solicited Company documents released Saturday in Washington show Kentucky politicians received many of the illegal campaign con tributions made by the Ken tucky based firm from 1967 to 1972 The company filed the lists of recipients with the Securities and Exchange Commission riday in response to a government ultimatum threatening legal action if the lists were not turned over Ashland said more than $724000 in illegal donations were made to politicians in this country and almost $400000 in payments to foreign officials ormer Kentucky governor and senator Louie Nunn who Ashland says accepted $40800 in four payments said the contributions were made to his campaign committees and not to him personally Nunn a Republican told a Lexington television station Sunday he had asked Ashland executives individually for contributions during his 1968 senatorial campaign and had assumed the money came from them personally rather than from the company far as I know there was nothing illegal nothing in tended to be illegal on the part of Ashland Nunn said purely a technicality which says that corporations give to political cam paigns like labor unions and individuals Nunn said he was told by let ter from his campaign com mittee last March that some of the contributions he had re ceived were made from corpo rate funds and were illegal He said he asked that they be re turned and they were US Sen Wendell ord said of $13000 he received from Ashland know it was corporate funds at the The former governor said Wilburn Caskey an Ashland Oil official and former Boyd County Democratic Party chairman visited him twice in 1971 while he was lieutenant governor campaigning for the governorship ord said Caskey said REDVALENTE Services for red Valente 59 of 2511 Richard St were here today with burial in Riverside Cemetery Mr Valente died at 6 am Sunday at Jennie Stuart Hospital following a long illness A native of Tampa la he was born March 22 1916 the son of Antonio and Angela icarotta Valente He was a retired service station owner and operator Survivors include his widow Mrs Mary Charlotte Spain Valente five daughters Mrs Wendell Lancaster Miss Patricia Valente and Mrs George Major all of Hopkinsville Mrs John Kelley Lexington and Miss Anita Valente of the home two brothers Anthony of Holiday la and Saro Valente Brandon la two sisters Mrs Angelina Gon zalez Newark NJ and Mrs Bernard Swarez Tampa and five grandchildren latest ideas on the agreement News reports from Cairo quoting US officials said Kis singer hoped to get an agree' ment before a conference ol nonaligned nations opens in Peru on Aug 25 They saitj Kissinger would probably start a new Middle Eask shuttle Aug 20 Press reports said th Israeli requests would include $350 million to make up for lost oil revenues if Israel with! draws from the Abu Rudei oilfield and another $15(J million to pay for construction of defenses along the new! Sinai disengagement line friends of mine in Ashland had gotten together and wanted to make a con tribution to my campaign gave me an envelope and I sent it down to (cam paign) ord said he open the enve lopes and know what was inside much it was I he added was com pletely surprised by the list that was released with my name on ormer Gov Edward Breathitt said the $20000 con tribution listed as going to him by Ashland actually went into the Kentucky campaigns of two other Democrats 1968 presidential nominee Hubert Humphrey and 1968 senatorial candidate Katherine Peden of Louisville Breathitt said Clyde Webb the Ashland vice president who allegedly delivered most of the illegal con tributions called him to offer financial assistance during the 1968 campaign was national (Democratic) committeeman at the Breathitt said we were having a heck of a hard time raising money I arranged for him (Webb) to meet JR Miller the party chairman before a campaign dinner at the Phoenix Hotel in Lexington money was to be used for the Peden and Hubert Humphrey campaigns in the he said I did was put a willing giver in touch with people trying to raise Breathitt said he was not aware the money given was from diverted corporate funds And Katherine Peden said she have no way of the contributions were from corporate funds of the Ashland executives were active in my campaign and are longtime friends and personal sup she said I had no idea what Ashland gave or that they were corporate Last spring the oil company asked for refunds from 24 can didates and campaign com mittees that apparently re ceived nearly $393000 bet ween 1967 and 1972 Nunn refunded $8000 of the $10000 apparently contributed to his Senate campaign fund in 1972 ormer US Sen Marlow Cook listed as receiving $6000 during his 1968 successful senatorial race against Miss Peden returned $4743 Republican Thomas Em berton said by Ashland to have accepted $5000 during his unsuccessful 1971 gubernatorial bid sent back $480322 Miss Peden said she was not approached about returning any of the ap parently illegal contribution to her senatorial campaign And commented Miss Peden campaign ended with a deficit and now seven years later I am still repaying it so I see how I could return it In Todd Logan ELKTON US Rep Carroll Hubbard will visit his constituents in Todd and Logan counties Tuesday up in the county judges offices in each county The Mayfield Democrat will be in the office of Judge CC Denny here from 9 to 11:30 am and at the cour thouse in Russellville from 1 to 4:30 pm NEW YORK (AP) rapidly spreading increase in the bank prime lending rate' helped push prices lower the stock market today The noon Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was down 328 at 81446 outnumbered advances by about a 5 3 margin on the New York Stock Exchange During the morning at seven major banks in New York and Chicago raised their prime rates from TVz to 7 per cent matching an increase in the basic charge on corporate loans posted riday by New irst National City? Bank Trading was relatively quiet Brokers said it appeared the market was waiting warily for the Agriculture monthly grain crop estimates due later in the day The potential size of the crop? looms as a significant factor in' the food price outlook The composite index slipped 10 to 4582 key still needed clarification Israeli source's said they include certain parts of the line to which Israel would withdraw and the number of troops Egypt would station on the Mitla and Gidi passes vacated by Israel Egyptian sources have mentioned as issues the location of the line and the number of American technicians who would operate early warning radar equipment in the passes Hermann Eilts American ambassador to Egypt returned to Cairo from Washington on Sunday with Pembroke Men Meet Tuesday The Pembroke BaptisC Church Brotherhood will meet at 7 pm Tuesday at the church for a dinner meeting? There will be a guest speaker! All men of the church ar0 urged to attend 3 CHICAGO (AP) wheat No 2 sof red 3631'4 Monday No 2 hard wintee 3634n Com No 2 yellow 3174ir (hopper) (box) Oats No 2 heavy white 148140 Soybeans No 1 yellow eOSHn No 2 yellow com riday was quoted at 318in (hopper) (box) and over straits used for inter national navigation are The speech focused mainly on the negotiations for new laws covering the seas However the secretary also said there was a need for: international agree ments protecting and promot ing the use of space satellites for such purposes as detecting and developing hidden national resources par ticularly in underdeveloped countries covering the use of satellite communication par ticularly to allow citizens of one nation to tap into television programs from other countries and much stronger laws for the prevention and punishment of international terrorism like piracy must be seen as out side the Kissinger said "It discredits any political objective that it purports to serve and any nations which encourage Kissinger agreed to address the ABA as part of its new pro gram of reaching beyond Washington to explain and defend his conduct American foreign policy Shostakovich Composer Dies MOSCOW (AP) Dmitri Shostakovich the gifted and prolific classical Russian composer died in Kuntsevo Hospital of a heart attack Saturday night He was 68 Best selling records of the week based on The Cash Boi Magazines nationwide surrey "Jive Talkin'" Bee Gees "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" Elton John "I'm Not In Love" lOcc "Please Mr Please" Olivia Newton John "One Of These Nights" Eagles "Why Can't We Be riends" War "Midnight Blue" Melissa Manchester "Rinestone Cowboy" Glen Campbell "How Loved Taylor "The Picnic Meeting The Kentucky State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses District 14 will hold a joint meeting with the Madisonville group at 6 pm Tuesday at Pennyrile State Park Your Individual Horoscope By RANCES DRAKE PRESERVE PROITS super 1 on Oran Wand Coral grain dryers Man free no labor costs See TOM PRESSLER today for more information concerning this and other equipment available SOUTHERN STATES ARM SYSTEM 507 14th 886 8814 'O' Deaths Uli HI 9 I Weather Elsewhere By The Associated Press Hi Lo pre Otlk Albany 88 61 90 64 cdy Amarillo 93 57 clr Anchorage 67 59 cdy Asheville 71 62 04 cdy Atlanta 81 69 25 cdy Birmingham 80 72 02 cdy Bismarck 86 58 02 cdy Boise 92 52 clr Boston 92 71 cdy Brownville 87 72 49 Buffalo 82 64 152 rn Charleston 85 73 105 rn Charlotte 83 68 Chicago 91 69 cdy Cincinnati 87 65 cdy Cleveland 84 66 cdy Denver 93 61 cdy Des Moines 90 71 01 cdy Detroit 88 65 clr Duluth 75 52 clr airbanks 64 39 clr ort Worth 97 75 cdy Green Bay MM clr Helena 82 49 cdy Honolulu 87 74 cdy Houston 88 76 rn Ind'apolis 86 66 75 cdy Jacks'ville 91 72 13 rn Juneau 54 50 10 Kansas City 96 75 clr Las Vegas 107 82 clr Little Rock 86 69 28 cdy Los Angeles 82 63 clr Louisville 89 69 cdy Marquette MM clr Memphis 88 73 clr Miami 85 82 cdy Milwaukee 83 65 clr Mpls St 85 61 clr New Orleans 86 69 04 New York 88 73 cdy Okla City 95 67 clr Omaha 91 69 03 clr Orlando 92 72 15 cdy Philad'phia 87 73 Phoenix 108 84 cdy Pittsburgh 85 64 102 P'tland Me 87 57 cdy P'tland Ore 77 56 clr Rapid City 89 64 clr Richmond 87 69 rn St Louis 89 71 clr Salt Lake 94 73 clr San Diego 76 65 clr San ran 63 52 cdy Seattle 75 57 clr Spokane 82 53 clr Tampa 94 75 Washington 86 74 cdy Previous day's high This low Precipitation for 24 hours ending 8 am today East ern time Sky conditions outlook for today 5 iMi.

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