Kentucky New Era from Hopkinsville, Kentucky (2024)

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Kentucky New Erai

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

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bookshelves are in Canada arther kpynrM 1MI Copr IVM King eatures Syndicate Inc World rights reserved Copr 19M King leaturet Syndicate Inc World rights reserved 9 20 One Of These Copt IVM Kmg eatitm SynJicatr In HOPKINSVILLE MODEL OUR BEST WISHES TO THE BOY SCOUTS' Copr 1951 King eatures Syndicate Inc World rights reserved madam ever considered going COURT Of HONOR WstH Rights Rnenrd Geo Dairy Telephone 1 54 601 East Seventeenth Street We Deliver To All Suburban Areas MH A GRANDMA 50 CLAD YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND NIGHT SCHOOL AGAIN A A WHAT ARE YOU POING MOW 11 SEE HOW THOSE darned MICE SPRING THE TRAPS ANOGHAWA' WITH THE CHEESE WITHOUT BEING CAUGHT" A A BLAWBLAW JABBER BLAVV 7 EVEN I THE POLICE MAD US SPOTTED THEY'D BE C'REUL WITH THE LEAD AND TEAR GAS WITH YOU AT MV SIDE AND THE BUGS WIN 3 WHAT A COINCIDENCE! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO LEAVE YOU Widow Of Publisher Dies In Connecticut Wilton Conn Sept 20 A We welcome to Hopkinsville the visiting Scouts and officials Keep up the good work May Scouting contihue to grow and instill the high ideals of Boy Scouts into our youth ft TUv DESTRUCTIVE oak WIL KILL1HQ OAK TRiS NORTHEIM "MlHHESolk 1H11IAHK AHD IOWA 9 20 CHAS KUHN BUT OZARK SMASHES A TRIPLE IN THE TENTH WITH THE base! LOADED PACKINGOU DONKEY! IM LEAVING YOU! In love with AN ACTRESS NAMED SUZI WE'RE GOING AWAY I TOGETHER ANY DUMB THUG CAN SPEED DOWN THE HIGLMAV AND GET TRAPPED BUT IT TAKES BRAINS TO MANEUVER A GAR UU A MOUNTAIN All Except our Prisoners Caught Wetumpka Ala Sept 20 With all except four of the 19 con victs who escaped from Draper Prison recaptured Elmore County officials prepared today to press new charges againstrhem Warden Reeves previously requested that the Elmore Grand Jury now in session the at the escapees He said the charges should in clude escape robbery and assultvith intent to murder In addit ion some of the convicts may face trial for offenses committed in other counties during their brief freedom The men escaped ri day night Two escapees notorious Leo Self' and Price Jones who were picked up at Selma yesterday admitted they kidnapped two Air orce Sergeants Highway Patrol man Hudson said BI agents and an Air orce honey come quick! Harry can ALMOST spell his MICE PROBABLY COME OUT I THE REGULAR LIGHTS ARE ON SO SET TING UPTWESEWfiMRW LAMPS tr INVISIBLE i CQe's STRICTLY TRADITIONAL BUT THIS MAY BE THE END THE TRAIL HOLD flow MUCH uranium ISTHERLiK A BOMB Pounds I LIKE HAVE nrnr at trtni Laundry Services: ull amily Wash Rough Dry luff Dry Wet Wash Thrift Damp eV now folks a funny thing happened to me on the way to tne ponce station Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CER YOU'RE SlLLY IKl THAT RIGGING YOU'RE AS DATED AS A PHONO GRAPH I YOU CARRIED A SUITCASE A COP WOULD TAIL YOU TO SEE I YOU'D SET UP A SIDEWALK PITCH OR SELLING SOUP PROO NECKTIES AHM KM COURSE YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS IS THE TRADITIONAL AND PICTURESQUE SARTORIAL GARB A SENATOR AND I THINK IT WISE OR THE COMING YEAR I SHOULD DRESS THIS WAYf OR THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EECT ON CITIZENS WHO SEE ME Wilton Conn Sept 20 Mrs Jane Knott 90 widow of Richard Knott former pub lisher of the Louisville Ky Post died here yesterday at the home of her son The son Richard Knott suc ceeded his father as publisher of the Post but now is retired Mrs Knott had lived with her son foe the past seven years Mrs Knott was born at Chelsea Mass and was graduated from Wellesley College in 1885 After graduation she moved to Louis ville where she founded the Wel lesley Collegiate School She and Knott were married in 1891 WEAR THESE SPECIAL GOGGLES BE ABLE TO SEE THOUGH THE ROOM WILL SEEM TO BE IN COMPLETE DARKNESS GOOD NIUH I WHY WORRY WITH Washday Call Us or helicopter joined the search for the other fugitives These include David Taylor convicted of slay ing jailer rank Burkett in a break from the Walker County Jail about three years ago HOPXINSVIUt XENTUCXV NEW ERA Thurkday Sept 20 1951 PAGE ITEEN MAJOR DRAY DRUG CO Ninth and Virginia Streets i ohone 63 By SCOTT OLIVR CROMWELL IjORD PR01KC10R of HqlAUP WAS HOI ED IK Hl DAY AA A fOOl BAD PLAYLI Laundry Dry Cleaning Company OICES: Twelfth and Main Seventh and Liberty Phones 77 and 735 PROMPT SERVICE on Prescriptions Compounded While You Wait Or Delivered To Your Home It Desired In Derby Line Vermont a correspondent discovered what may be the only library in the world located on an interna tional boundary line The read ing room is in Vermont and the west In the University of Toronto a catalogue came to light "th the intriguing information that one class would devote time to a study of and Cleopatra" t0 a coonlsbt nst by Baooett Cert Uy Kms eature Syndicate A CCORDING to old White House gossips Teddy RooseveltV would no more think of being seen without a gun than Hopalong Cassidy Secret service operatives prayed only that when Teddy thrust it into a bolster or back pocket of his striped pants One day he was bound for a visit with a group of devout churchmen when he paused at the White House portico and exclaimed damn! have to go back I forgot my six THERE goes another PENDER! SO AS LONG AS THIS CRATE WILL TRAVEL WERE NOT BA A BLOW i A STROKE Golf A stroke ih WHICH THE SOLE of THt CLUB HITS HL GROUND AHO DRIVESHE BALL ALOT BAY Coir A wnnntH CLUB HAVING A SHORT SHAT AHO A DEEP ACE WITH MUCH LOT SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK LEAVE ME? CONOUND IT! I LET MY GLASSES UPSTAIRS OH WELL II PAGWOOP JUGGLE 3 1 i thpeeat TTcVTZk 2 I JI 4y imjwi wt I I A 1 41 Mi 5 a Cor tttwttfod wwmd i I 551 ali 1 was ip PAG WOOD it was vLSMj the way aB vou SAID y1 fl MT Im IT Wlr 0 BjilMg 'k II IVh VlTre LH A X' 7'f I 1 XSV4 X31 1 K'i I 1 A ak tD CJHH JVJ MA I RV Si nnr i a ili i aw Hi se liV zo fl 4 lll rh I Aiiuwn'wiwwi'ht iroatp twin avrn tssn s7 Aa 11 fl xv i TS rl xa'sr' irxt jTI a a 6 Iai 1 mi a jt X7Z kVJlJ a I ffZZ BPL I Bi LzSBKSBkJSJ LdjflBB2l I fl WZXII IzUUP! bSIB i I 'I I 5PRASTECd)A LWtJ ewiLLiEsJ funny: )) LBT 1 1 0 ilKn I JW fl KJ rU 13 WKWY '42LI I jL II LI I I 1 1 Ik i yllUllik 4 car i Kg a4u? i Ofc J35 I QwSW I 'Til giir Eg byWkB WS7 LKW rw i 2 Vj JMpL SjpKtzZ rWwwOwhw 1 'ii i) ru 1 Jbf Pr I a 1 bNSBBBBk fchnhiivra A' sJksSiflMi Wk'Ib sa ii HA? Rr il I UBHAKh 9 A2 1 1 ffl "7 i i I 4 5KX I Ir I AK Jr CiP i'KV a C'VX 9 "59 i "'irv 2 rvw Iw fex AW mpaiviWBr IHMIWM II UJBMX XJKA aMLJ 5 World nghtt fcwvud 4 I (MWWJArUH THAT BLACK CAT AN' BUSTED MIRfOn A5C HO TELLW' WHUT KINDA A HOW BOUT THAT DINAH? WE HAD NOTHIN BUT GOOD LUCK ALL I XtoADLUCHAHMMfiEB' OAY the STANDS II i Omsk 1 1 gywHMK il for the I xiYKT ILL opening game ft YAOt 41 Mrinw a i I kf II 1 sees 7 a I t' Mil XT VI JWTM a I lL23nllsiv a 7Z I VKBL rv Il I ll XXSX Lz Atm v' iixX Ni 1 I A 1 I Hk 4 iYuSfi: I i 1 Jk 17 a lfL 'V' ryla TMT IVEIJIT IlvX VS1 TW rUK 1 HCKWUKt ft 1 Tzx 3LAW3LAST 4 I nSftlNT xxxa t' Ym i i iLLri i I a i Vl WUL 11 A za A ifiA ZY pi zvg Csi vl Xv 7K token of I Xuw I 1 PWUot 9 ITiPl LzsxVJftV7vt fl i Wf JaJWSS X' 1 fr 1A XV AV I efl flfl Llx (I t) 111 I Vt I kZCr k7j I jQra A MB tefecSSLaZ7 (BHBM hVl i SC Jj l' Vit asm rkhm ty i J7 I I UAuYa yjn yi L4W rMX Wr rWJ I ixl r7 I i Diftxd by King otura Syndw 'i a AtA fififle a I Kflsk dfflrwl A llESz i YES PROESSOR BELIEVE IN CASE I GIVE A PERSON A PIECE iMMKaV WM 'NL ZaZ GT I 1 11 IMAE LJ IL OrCAMNU IYI fVllNLX 1 KVAIVIM DE OUKL tsar 1 AN1 DICTION THIS SEASON I THEY UNDERSTAND 'a vT VV WW 2 I 1 ifjl IWJ 0i i fauery 1 (rry I 1 W'f jfZ I II 1 JL bX I Ji SKA 1 1 mm rrS TifzL5rS5 ywrnfQZ mR ZAL Jjiyfes fl 4 'PQwwr wb KK jehf ntnySTT fl rj zsB flAMTWBr KkLz flflPLrWIrJ? 3 eatur Synm ste he Wm Rights Re aAl aau a A 4 9Hb 0 lo I I rWL flBgSgflx I iMfcSggWa rXs It I I.

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Kentucky New Era from Hopkinsville, Kentucky (2024)
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