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What is Flixtor?

Flixtor is a fully automated Video Search engine. It does automated scans of streaming websites and lists the best quality videos it found.

How do I donate and get VIP Access?

You can purchase VIP Access for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days etc. here.
And don't worry. We don't do automatic rebilling. When you're out of days, it's 100% up to you if you want to purchase more days (or not).

Can I use Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay to cast to my TV?

Casting with Chromecast and Airplay is enabled for VIP users on devices that support website video casting.
It depends on what type of device you use but (for example) on a Desktop, you should see the Chromecast Free Streaming of Movies and TV Shows on (1) -icon (when using Chrome) or the Airplay Free Streaming of Movies and TV Shows on (2) -icon (when using Safari) below the video, next to the volume icon.
Chromecast works when you use the Google Chrome Browser on Android, Windows or macOS. Airplay works when you use the Safari Browser on iOS or macOS. Trying to cast from iOS to Chromecast or Android to Airplay won't work. Subtitles are currently not supported when casting.

What do all the different Icons mean?

These are the ones that are most used:

This is a Movie
This is a Pre-Release Movie in a reasonable/ok/good quality. It will be replaced as soon as we find a proper HD version.
This is a Pre-Release Movie in a poor quality and/or has hardcoded advertisem*nts (that we're unable to remove). It will be replaced as soon as we find a proper HD version.
This is a TV Show
This is an Episode
2019This Movie or TV Show was initially released in 2019
S04 E03This is Season 4, Episode 3
S05 E01This is a Season or TV Show Premiere
8.1Others gave this Movie or TV Show an 8.1 rating
Click to toggle this Movie or TV Show as favorite
Info about the Movie, TV Show or Episode
Download Movie or Episode
The Movie or TV Show Parental Guidelines rating
The production country
The spoken language
When will Movie X or Episode Y or TV Show Z be available?

Whenever it's on a site that we're scanning and it has a decent quality, it will appear here automatically.

Why is Episode X missing?

Most listed TV Shows are complete with all Seasons and Episodes. If it's a new Episode that's missing, it will appear as soon as we find it. If it's an Episode somewhere within a Season, the previous Episode was probably a double Episode. If you're sure that it's not, please click the 'Report Issue' -link under the video player to let us know.

Why is a Video is not loading?

First of all, if it's not loading but 'stuck on buffering', try reloading the page. Sometimes when a Video won't load, it gives an error. If this is with all videos, it's probably a temporary glitch and we'll fix it soon. If it's only one video, please hit the 'Report Issue' -link under the video player.

Why isn't there a HD version of this video?

If it's an older movie or episode, it's probably all we have because we couldn't find anything better.
If it's a pre-release, then this is the best there is but the video will be replaced when we find something better.

Why is there no sound?

Some browsers Mute the sound by default and you must Un-Mute it manually. If it's a smart browser, you should only have to do this once and it should be ok the next time you watch a video. If not, you can change the settings in your browser to always allow our site to play videos with the sound turned on.

Why is the Video stuttering, buffering or randomly stopping?

Maybe there was a connection glitch or you're downloading something at the same time so there's not enough bandwidth? Either way, try refreshing the page first. The video should continue where it left off.
If that doesn't help and you're using Safari, see if it still happens in Chrome. Before reporting an issue, use Chrome and try selecting auto or 360p in the quality settings to see if that works any better.

Why is the Video switching to a lower quality all of a sudden?

Most videos come in different qualities where 1080p is the highest and 360p the lowest. The higher the quality, the more bandwidth is needed for smooth playback. In the quality settings, you can select your preferred quality or select auto. With the auto -setting, our player will constantly monitor the bandwidth and adjust the quality to the highest possible for the available bandwidth.
Not all browsers (Safari etc.) let you change the quality. For these browsers, it's always set to auto.

When I change the quality of a video, nothing happens.

Unlike Youtube etc., our player doesn't reload the video when you change quality settings. Our player keeps playing whatever is in the buffer and then seamlessly switch to the new quality. It can take between 5 and 10 seconds or so.

Why isn't the video starting at the beginning?

If you stop watching a video and you want to continue watching it the next day, it will continue at the same position where you left off. So you probably watched this video before already.

Why are the Subtitles wrong/out of sync/not available in my language?

Because we don't host videos ourselves, it's quite difficult to find matching subtitles. Please don't report issues about Subtitles. Our system is constantly searching, adding and replacing subtitles.

How do I make the Video go Fullscreen?

You can toggle fullscreen with the 'f' -key, double click/double tap the video or just click the fullscreen -icon.

What Browsers are supported?

All modern/recent mobile and desktop browsers are supported but some perform better than others.
For example, Microsoft Edge works fine but things work much better with Chrome or Opera. Same with Safari. Safari works but we don't recommended it because it's so slow. This site works best with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave etc..

Is this site Secure?

Yes. All communications between our servers and your browser is 100% secure.

How do you handle my privacy?

Except when you report a video via the 'Report Issue' -link, nothing is logged or stored. In fact, all server logging is turned off. If you are a VIP user, we have your email address but no other information.

If you don't store information, how come you track my viewing progress?

That information is stored in your local browser storage and never reaches our servers. This is done so that when you reload the page or come back tomorrow, the video continues where it left off.

Does my ISP know that I am visiting this site?

They know that you are visiting this site but they don't know what you did or what videos you watched. For them, it appears that you are watching Youtube videos. If you are concerned about them knowing that you visited this site, consider using a VPN.

Are you using a P2P protocol like Bittorrent, Webtorrent, Popcorn Time etc.?

No. Unlike many other sites, we don't. If we did, that would mean that you are uploading videos at the same time you are watching. That is considered illegal in most countries. Be careful when using other streaming sites.

How can I contact you?

Only if you think it's really important, you can email to [emailprotected]

Free Streaming of Movies and TV Shows on (2024)
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