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7 Best TikTok Ads in 2023 so Far - House of Marketers (1)

TikTok’s Top Ads and Trend Insights Library allows businesses and marketers to easily track and access the best TikTok ads in 2023 by their performance. The Ads Library provides a comprehensive overview of ad performance metrics, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. It also provides insights into how users respond to ads, allowing marketers to understand their target audiences better and tailor their ads accordingly. Our agency, House of Marketers, utilises this program on a daily basis to improve the performance of our client campaigns.

After reviewing the TikTok ads library for best-performing ads, we have compiled a list of the seven best TikTok ads in January 2023. Our list is based on a trend analysis considering crucial performance indicators that include video view rate, ad engagements, and impressions.

With this set of examples that offer new valuable insights into TikTok ad campaigns, we believe you can easily compare the performance of different ad campaigns, helping you to optimise your advertising strategies with maximum efficiency. So, what are some of the 7 Best TikTok Ads in 2023 so far?

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Best TikTok Ads in 2023 – My Medic

My medic is a health-based distributor of health kits. The company has been in the industry for over nine years, distributing first aid kits and everything in the wellness and fitness sectors. The company made a debut on TikTok intending to boast its lower funnel marketing goals but could have been more successful.

After the unsuccessful first encounter with TikTok ads, the company launched its second campaign with the help of the TikTok team, this time around aiming to reach new and younger audiences. To reach its campaign goal, the company followed these important steps:

Pixel integration: the company integrated its TikTok Pixel with Shopify. But what is the TikTok pixel? It’s a high-value attribution tool that helped them track visitor actions like content views, likes, and complete payments. Further, the tool also helped them segment visitors by creating custom or lookalike audience segments for easy targeting. As a result, the company was able to identify high-value customers who were likely to convert.

Implementing value-based optimization: The Company used Value-Based Optimization (VBO), an ad delivery method used to deliver ads to high-value customers. Accordingly, the company was able to identify high-value customers. Furthermore, by encouraging customers to make purchases through their Shopify catalogue, the company achieved over 17 thousand conversions, an average of 2.5X ROAS, and a 77.5 decrease in CPA.


BLACK FRIDAY ENDS SOON: Save up to 50% on Life-Saving First Aid Gear while supplies last.

♬ original sound – My Medic – My Medic

OTTO’s Collection Ads Campaign

OTTO is an international E-Commerce company based in Germany. The company started as an email order company in Hamburg, Germany, and has since expanded exponentially. Today, the company is a leader in retail and the provision of financial services. Furthermore, it develops brand concepts across Europe and the USA. On TikTok, OTTO came to promote brand awareness among new audiences while simultaneously promoting its Adidas originals new collection. The company employed two approaches, agency and creator partnership, and TikTok ads formats, to achieve its campaign goals.

Agency and creator partnerships: the company partnered with oddity jungle and five more TikTok influencers who included, @helgemark, @ninachuba, @zsazsainci, and @jeyisbaee. The partners were tasked with creating everyday creative content that would resonate with the targeted audience.

TikTok ads formats: the company would then promote these creatives on TikTok ads. They mainly used Collection Ads, Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads to deliver content to their targeted audience. The creative generated a buzz on the internet, thanks to the creators’ creativity and other modes, such as the Countdown Sticker interactive add-on that the company used to deliver their message.

OTTO achieved a record-breaking over 90 million impressions. Moreover, the campaign generated more than three hundred thousand likes for their content and an amazing 80% increase in their follower count.


@ninachuba in ihrem Element 😎 Noch mehr Looks gibt’s bei OTTO. #zusammenistnicer #OTTOfashion #adidasOriginals

♬ Originalton – OTTO

About You’s VSA Campaign

Launched in o2014, About You has continually led the space in online retail in Germany and a host of other 26 European. The company specialises in online fashion retailing. However, it has since 2018 changed into a portfolio of company due to a change in its shareholdings. About You’s main marketing strategy is personalization and influencer marketing. This makes the company one of the highly data-driven companies and a leader in testing new markets.

On TikTok, About You came to drive conversions. The company achieved its goal through brand partnerships and running a series of Video Shopping Ads on TikTok. In particular, the company wanted to run a VSA campaign; to do so, they had to partner with Smartly.io, the only TikTok partner supporting VSA through TikTok’s API.

VSAs are simply shoppable creative ads that run on a user’s For You feeds page. They are ideal for maximising lower funnel performance. The results were amazing. For example, the company managed a 30% increase in ROAS in Germany. In France, the campaign saw an increase of more than 100% ROAS.

“Overall, we saw an uplift when testing TikTok’s Video Shopping Ads across markets. We’re excited to continue working with Smartly.io and TikTok on scaling additional markets.” Cindy Lin, the online marketing manager, has said.


Saikebon’s #TakeEatEasyChallenge

Saikebon is a household name in Italian kitchens. The company, a subsidiary of Star, has positioned itself as a leader in innovation in Italian foods in almost all sectors. The company came to TikTok to make fun of and engage with prospects to drive brand awareness. The best way to achieve their goal, Saikebon chose hashtag challenges to generate user-based content and create a viral brand moment.

The brand partnered with top creators and, through the #TakeEatEasyChallenge hashtag challenge, asked their users to share how they make their lives easy with Saikebon. The challenge worked miracles in conveying the message that Saikebon is a smart provider and solution to quick meals. Further, the brand partnered with leading creators in Italy to bolster their challenge, which breathed new life into their campaign.

The company will then use the creative to run adverts on TopView or In-Feed Ads formats. The campaign attracted wide online virality. Additionally, it gained over 684 million views, more than 220k user-based videos created, and an impressive 11% engagement rate.


#TakeEatEasyChallenge #mercuri_88 #pov #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #cute #trend #mom #comedy #humor #anime #manga #trend #perte #viral #omg

♬ Take it to the Top – Ofrin

Best Tiktok ads in 2023- HYPE’s Customer Acquisition Campaign

Hype is an Italian venture company dealing in financial services. The company was specially founded to offer finance-related services to customers in demand. It offers financial planning, savings, and payment and investment services. To achieve its objectives, HYPE has invested heavily in digital marketing. In particular, the company is on TikTok for branding, consideration, and, most importantly, customer acquisition.

The company has largely managed to achieve its goals by running multiple always-on campaigns on the platform. Typically through an always-on-strategy, the company is able to continually engage its audience through regularly releasing paid or organic content to users.

The company also partnered with Mambo and Cosmic agencies in the TikTok Creative Exchange (TTCX) program. Through these partnerships, the company bolstered the TikTok-first A-class creative for their always-on campaign. The result surpassed expectations. The brand managed a 5% customer acquisition attributed to TikTok. +10 increase in ad recall and -80% reductions in CPA.

Prenofa’s Video Shopping Ad (VSA) Campaign

Prenofa is a Vietnamese-based company selling trendy personal hygiene products, like toothbrushes. The company came to TikTok to promote its Wetee line of anti-cavity dental care products for kids. To achieve goals, the brand started first by launching its TikTok shop. This would help the company benefit from hands-off logistics and onsite signals, which will then shape its content creation to fit the demands of its customers.

Secondly, the company ran a series of video shopping ad campaigns to achieve shop purchases. This particularly worked because it allowed a user to click a product. They would then be directed to Wetee’s TikTok shop. The seamless transition from onsite product discovery and redirection purchase page made conversion possible with little hassle.

The results were amazing. The company managed to sell 2.4 k products, sales attributed to their TikTok campaign. This was a recorded X3.84 ROAS. Additionally, the company managed to raise 3.9 million impressions for the videos and a whopping 11.8 k sold via their TikTok shop.

Best TikTok ads in 2023 – La Redoute

La Redoute is a France-based online marketplace. The brand came to TikTok to rejuvenate its customer base and generate conversions for its Tommy Jeans offering. In order to reach their goal, the company employed a profit-generating low-funnel campaign and ran a series of ad formats to achieve their goal.

By running a series of ads, their customers could easily locate their products and browse through them in the full-screen mobile experience. In fact, this helped the company identify high-value prospects for further channelling through the sales funnel through retargeting. Their campaign achieved noble results. It recorded 29.7% ads ROI and an impressive 10.9% increase in conversion rate.


Un jour, une couleur ! Découvrez nos OOTD de la semaine 👚👢#laredoute #fyp #pourtoi #ootd #couleurs #fashiontiktok #saintvalentin #valentinesday #cadeau #grwm #bonplan #looks

♬ Lose to Love – Madison Watkins

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7 Best TikTok Ads in 2023 so Far - House of Marketers (2024)
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